You Might Also Like: Lettuce Art + Stunning New Prints!

You Might Also Like

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  • Last summer, I drew some arugula plants from our garden in New Jersey, and just this week we made it into a print! I can’t decide if I should get the green or the blue–I love them both! (PS - Look out for this in its pattern form later this year!) 

  • I know I’ve mentioned the game Spot It before because it’s been such a go-to all-ages game for us over the years. We recently broke out the waterproof version. The deck-of-cards size makes it easy to throw in your XL Zip and the waterproof version is perfect if you’re heading to the pool or beach. Or really anywhere with kids and risk of wear + tear. 

  • Louise’s hair is unruly. It’s beyond the excuse of Covid because 1) salons are open and 2) John cuts all their hair anyway. But she refuses to let us cut it. Thank goodness for this hair brush. It’s the reason she thinks all other brushes or combs are torture.

  • A Zara Home ad really drew me in the other day, and left me really wanting this adorable kid’s bench for our deck, this pretty sun hat for India, and this table would be a great replacement to our very ratty / drawn all over play table.

  • I just want to say thank you again for all of your generous donations to Food For Life Vrindavan. I just wanted to mention it again, because if you missed our raffle, you can still give directly ! Right now every dollar sent from the US goes directly to families in need. During this crisis that means helping to pay medical bills, rent, and food rationing for families -- most of whom lost their jobs when the pandemic began.

  • Have you checked our new prints ?? Love the idea of grouping these three pinks together (1, 2, 3). Currently scouting out space on my walls! 

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