You Might Also Like: Fidget Toy + Dinner On A Farm

You Might Also Like

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  • Our kids were recently gifted one of these bubble pop fidget toys, and it’s become the most popular thing in our home. They all reach for it and fight over it. It seemed sooo silly and kinda junky to me at first, but as someone who likes keeping my hands busy, and after this brutal year of screen-learning, I get it. It’s kind of indestructible so would be a good one to keep in your XL Zip Pouch + throw in the stroller or car.

  • I first bought this conditioner on the wonderful but now closed site, Of a Kind. It had rave reviews and was on sale. I’m a drug store gal when it comes to hair and body products, but the frizz-ease this conditioner promised was too tempting. And then, it delivered. It also smells incredible. I still use my old standby drug store shampoo, but this conditioner has me hooked.

  • Griffin is going to sleepaway camp for the first time this summer, and I’m thrilled for him. He deserves some time away from all of us–to enjoy getting a little dirty, to spread his wings a bit. He's really great at trying new things, but he's a little (understandably) nervous. I loved some of the tips in this article for helping quell campers’ fears. One tip was to create a ritual around the experience and gave the example of how one family stopped for ice cream three times on their long drive to camp–celebrating their camper’s courage. So sweet!

  • Last weekend we went up to Stone Barns for an amazing chef in residency dinner. Their website describes: “This new program welcomes four boundary-shattering chefs to Stone Barns as they interpret the ingredients of our farm and region through dining and educational programming.” We were lucky enough to snag tickets to one of Pitmaster Brian Furman’s dinners. Everything from the food to the setting + the weather was so perfect I wanted to freeze every moment and drink it in. If you’re local to New York / New Jersey / Connecticut, I can’t recommend it highly enough! Can’t wait to see what other talented chefs roll through. 

  • I'm really into the ease of sheet pan dinners, and this lemon rosemary dijon chicken with potatoes, and this teriyaki salmon and vegetables, have both been winners lately. 

  • Do you ever find a clothing brand that you like more and more each season they debut ? I’ve always been a fan of Sea, and have bought a special piece from them here or there over the years, but the last three or four seasons, I find myself endlessly scrolling through their new tab, and loving about 90 percent of it. Right now I'm particularly drooling over this dress, These fun shorts (and I don't really wear shorts), and of course, all the quilted pieces.

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