You Might Also Like: Elton John’s set list + cheese knives

You Might Also Like

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You Might Also Like 

A rundown of what we're doing,
watching, reading, coveting.
Here's what's got our attention this week.
  • If you like laughing, make some time to watch the Seth Meyers Netflix special, Lobby Baby. The part about parents of three kids being checked out made me belly laugh. 

  • Last weekend, John and I went to see Elton John on his farewell tour. It was the spectacle you would imagine. Adding to that effect were the different types of visual backdrops–photography, video, animation–applied to each song. At first, it felt a little all over the place, but then I remembered that this tour is celebrating a 50+year career and because of that, it seems so right that each song would have its own special story to tell. The Martin Parr photos were my favorite. The set list is the same for each show--you can listen to it here

  • Everything Lena Corwin does has a very clear + distinct voice + vision that I love so much. Her Peace Towels (now available in blue!) are our family’s favorite. She just launched a new project collaborating with artists to create beautifully screen printed + framed pieces. The first one, by Mollusk Surf Shops co-founder Johanna St. Clair, is gorgeous. You can read more about this first collab here. I can’t wait to see more.

  • I can’t get over this Mini Rodini print. It’s genius, and I wish it came in my size! 

  • I know perfume is controversial, but I love it. Of course there are those that are over-perfumed, or badly-perfumed, but I love associating someone with a light refreshing scent. For years I have taken annual trips with my best friend to pick out a new Jo Malone scent to wear until it runs out. I just ran out of my most recent edition, and I’m curious if I should be trying other brands. I will always love Jo Malone (and can always go back), but am curious to hear suggestions ! Anyone have light floral or citrus smell they can’t live without ?

  • I love making a good cheese plate when we have company over (I am always screenshotting pretty ones on instagram that I can copy). Years ago I bought a set of 3 perfect little cheese knives with wooden handles at a gift store near my graduate school, and they’ve slowly disappeared, until I now I have one. For a long time it felt like every beautiful set I saw was $400 or $500. But then the other day I saw THIS pretty set on Verishop for $40 !! I also love this one, this one and this one.