You Might Also Like: Easiest (mess free) holiday craft + a winter fruit salad

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You Might Also Like 

A rundown of what we're doing,
watching, reading, coveting.
The things that we're looking forward to doing over the holidays.
  • Louise and I made beaded candy canes a holiday market last weekend, and it has spurred a whole little beaded candy cane factory at home, and our Christmas tree is happily covered in them. Griffin and James even made them for their teachers. You just need pipe cleaners + pony beads. Easiest little activity for the whole family that can easily travel with you, if you’re looking! To stretch it out beyond the holidays, throw in some elastic cord for necklace + bracelet making. 

  • I loooove ice cream. (I’ve likely made this exact statement on here multiple times, and probably will continue to.) I really love it. Even in the winter, it’s my favorite dessert. And this special seasonal flavor has won. me. over. I served it at a dinner party a couple weeks ago with chocolate biscotti and Biscoff cookies, to rave reviews. And brought to potluck this week and my fellow discerning ice-cream-loving friend agreed it was delicious. You can find it locally or buy it online to have for the holidays or send as a gift. SO GOOD. 

  • This holiday, we’re going on vacation with my three siblings + their families–7 grown ups and 13 kids! I’m super excited for all the family + cousin time. I always pack a few travel-friendly activities we can do in the hotel room, like perler beads and drawing supplies. And for when we’re out + about, I always pack our zip pouches with Spot It, a koosh ball (it doesn’t bounce away -- great for airports!), and our Left Right Center Dice Game that we sometimes play with real coins to up the ante!

  • This paper garland kit is gorgeous, I wish I’d seen it early enough to buy, but we’ll make our own instead (as a kid we always strung popcorn to decorate the tree).

  • Thinking over my years of making a zillion different things (mostly desserts!) for Christmas, and I suddenly remembered this amazing winter fruit salad I’ve made many times. If you’re looking for a brunch dish or side dish, this is easy and a star. 

  • India, Major, and our nephews Sage and Dakota will all be wearing their Marine Owl PJs on Christmas morning (even if my sister and sister-in-law don’t know that yet), and I can’t wait to see these 4 cuties in such a vibrant color against the deep green of the tree and the crisp winter blue of the water outside the window (we’ll be in Rhode Island). The PJs will of course be delivered to my nephews via our cute new patchwork totes.