You Might Also Like: Costume jewelry for kids + the whole animal ethos

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A rundown of what we're doing,
watching, reading, coveting.
Here's what's got our attention this week.
  • Our Gift Guide for Kids went up this week, in case you’re still looking! One gift idea that isn’t on there because it was just introduced to me by my sister is a just-launched line of costume jewelry for kids called Super Smalls. Louise isn’t big into dress up, but she loves pretend play (aka pretending James is her baby), and I think she’d have so much fun with this set of rings and this set of flashy earrings + ring - perfect for sharing when friends come over.

  • My friend Erin did the illustration for Apple’s feature on offline apps. With holiday travel approaching, I was excited to learn about the app Epic–a digital library of over 30,000 childrens books, including “read to me” and audiobooks. Seems like a good time to give this one a try. 

  • Music is always playing in our house. Right now, our family’s Christmas music playlist is on repeat.  

  • We had a cookie decorating party for India last weekend for her third birthday. I’ve never been a big sugar cookie fan, so I just chose a random recipe that I thought could withstand toddler decorating. To my surprise, people kept coming up to me to tell me how good the cookies were, and I even got asked for the recipe ! So if you’re looking for a cookie to decorate in the next few weeks, it turns out Williams Sonoma might have the key to yummy sugar cookies.

  • Love this asymmetrical and so very green garland. Also, how does one find such a perfect tree ?! 

  • The artistry found in this whole animal ethos, taken one step farther than most do in our culture is beautiful. I love the unique shapes of the cups and the airiness of it all. I also love the intention and dedication behind it.