You Might Also Like: Cute Short Films + Keep The Bubbly

You Might Also Like

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Side by side images of our families this week. Two kids making dinner, and one on bike playing in the snow.

  • Sometimes a bite-sized amount of screen time is just what we need. We love these amazing digital shorts: Bao, Burrow and Partysauraus Rex.

  • Have you seen our Valentine’s Day edit? It has lots of sweet ideas for sending friends + loved ones. Some cute napkins or cocktail napkins to make their Valentine’s table extra sweet and our prettiest PJ ever or a cute heart pillow for the littles. We’re back to fully wrapping your gifts now–using our pretty custom tissue, Italian cotton ribbon and your message handwritten on our pretty stationery–so it’s as if you’ve done the work yourself, but better :) Just as online gifting should be! 

  • We’ve been living on these Coconut Oats lately that Lizzy shared in our Recipe Booklet fundraiser. It’s the perfect winter breakfast.

  • This is a little while back now, but Obama being interviewed by Brene Brown is glorious. Such a wonderful reminder that we don’t have to be extreme, hateful, or either / or. We can be both / and, middle of the road, and understanding of the other, without losing ourselves. 

  • I think Dr. Becky has provided all of us with some really important insight and takeaways in the last year. Her recent IGTV on our roles in a family was incredibly helpful to me. It was a great a-ha moment, that when I’m frustrated with a toddler reaction my only job is to validate, empathize and create boundaries. As she says when we know our role, things can run much smoother and I don’t get flustered.

  • It was my birthday this week and I was given a fancy seltzer maker. Less waste, lifetime savings, and pretty enough to sit on the counter.

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