You Might Also Like: Best of Bravo + Digital Puzzles

You Might Also Like

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pictures of our families from this week: siblings writing a note at a computer desk, and toddler boy putting beads on a string.

  • Claire Mazur + Erica Cerulo’s newsletter A Thing or Two is an inbox delight. I know I’m always going to be surprised and look forward to it every week. It’s full of nuanced, personal and sometimes weird things I’d never find myself. Like these stuffed animal cats that come wrapped like a burrito. Louise would flip! I recently signed up for their $4/mo Secret Menu newsletter after my sister had sent me link after link of their interesting finds. Only to be blessed with their email that rounded up twenty interesting wall hooks. 

  • In case you missed gymnast Nia Dennis’ recent floor routine. Because it cannot be missed. 

  • Confession: Real Housewives is a small (and big) joy in my life rn. That sh*t is so cray, and it takes me to a different place in the Groundhog Days we’re in, and for that I am grateful. Lately, I’m leaning harder into the drama by following all the behind the camera drama from @bestofbravo - in case you want to join me down there in that rabbit hole.


  • Such a tidy way to do a little meditative puzzling.

  • Since I began working from home I am always burning this or this candle. I love them both, and they are both officially done :(. The Maine candle I have bought again and again over the years, and I will definitely rebuy the Brooklyn Candle as well. When a candle is good enough to burn to the bottom and buy again, it’s worth sharing. 

  • My dear friend recently launched Greystone Needlepoint - a curation of canvases that she felt was missing in the marketplace. A fan of needlepointing since college, she found that most canvases can’t even be found online, and the physical shops are often tired and without a great selection. If you’re a needlepoint enthusiast check out her site for the canvases you’ve been missing in your life!