You Might Also Like: Card Games for Kids + A Must Watch

You Might Also Like

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  • My friend Abby recently introduced me to August, a new kind of travel and design magazine where each issue is dedicated to one place, fully immersing the reader in the location's art, architecture and design scene. I was surprised and delighted to find that out of six issues, (so six places in the entire world!) that one entire issue was dedicated to the state of New Jersey. NJ has some baggage, but I’ve loved its coast my whole life and cannot wait to explore more within the state through this beautiful issue.

  • We’re visiting family this week and brought along our favorite travel-friendly games, in case you’re looking for something new that doesn’t take up a lot of space: Sleeping Queens (James is just starting to get the hang of it but mostly teams up with one of us), Spot It (perfect for all ages; we have a couple versions, but brought this one; James would love this fishing one), LRC dice game (fast paced; up the ante by using real coins instead of chips) and Anomia (fun fast paced game we play with our two older kids). 

  • John’s birthday is this week which means I’ll be making the buttercream icing I’ve made every birthday for years. In my mind, it cannot be beat. I’ve had friends tell me their kids don’t like cake (?!) but like mine. And 100% it’s all about the icing. Yes it is very sweet, but it’s a birthday cake for goodness sakes! It better knock you out!

  • If you haven’t watched the new Tiger Woods Documentary yet, it's really fascinating. Part of me felt badly for watching an unauthorized account of his life, but almost everyone interviewed seemed to really love Tiger. It brought up all sorts of philosophical debates between Josh and I about what makes greatness, what’s okay to sacrifice for greatness, what scandals are on account of fame and power alone, and what are on account of suppressed childhood issues. I’m still thinking about all of it a week later. 

  • How cute is this Rattan Bunny Ear Napkin Ring for Easter ?? I love something a little over the top for holidays, and the neutral rattan keeps it elevated. They are sold out, but the happy palette of their Spring Table Settings has me so excited for warm weather and meals outside. 

  • I needed a new podcast to fill some of my quiet work hours, and after seeing the name in passing many times, I dove into The Skinny Confidential this week, and I’ve loved listening to some of their guests ! They get a lot of great experts and successful business people with great advice. I’ve been burning through them, and so far I especially enjoyed the advice of David Meltzer.

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