You Might Also Like: 20 Questions for 2020 + Floral Eye Candy

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A rundown of what we’re doing, watching, reading, coveting.
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A rundown of what we're doing,
watching, reading, coveting.
Here's what's got our attention this week.
  • Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s not too late to send a little love note! Paperless Post has great ones! I did this simple watercolor heart one for them a while back. My mom would sign all her notes with a smiley face, so this one makes me smile. I love this one for John who loves sardines as much as I despise them, and this one is just so cute. 

  • When were you most physically joyful in 2019? How can you get there more in 2020? And other questions worth thinking about. Would be an interesting exercise to discuss with your partner, no?  

  • After working last weekend, I’m excited to have a nice long weekend to hang out and do some creative projects. I'm going to finish up Louise's class art project that will be auctioned off next month at the school benefit - here's what step one looked like. Louise got this DIY eraser kit for her birthday and she and Griffin have loved making little erasers, so I'm sure we'll be making more this weekend. 

  • We just finished our twice yearly trade show Hudson Collective. One of the fun parts of a trade show is discovering new brands ourselves. This year’s standouts of great products I hadn't seen before were the lovely dollhouses from Maquette Kids, and the this amazing Canadian outerwear line Fairechild

  • It’s Valentine’s Day ! Beautiful fresh flowers will forever have my heart, so here are some favorites from my friend Chelsea who started Pine New York. I cant get enough of this arrangement, this one, and this one

  • It was Josh’s birthday yesterday, and after Liz recently introduced me to the brand Alex Mill (founded by Mickey Drexler’s son + a former design head at both Jcrew + Madewell–how had I not heard of them yet ??) I found a cut of pants for him that I’ve been looking for since he said he was into the style (always checking out what’s new, that guy) a couple years ago. Until now, everything I had found was uber expensive, but these are reasonable and look great ! I’m eyeing some of the women’s things as well…