You Might Also Like: Our go-to birthday cake + a felt delicatessen

You Might Also Like

A rundown of what we’re doing, watching, reading, coveting.
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You Might Also Like 

A rundown of what we're doing,
watching, reading, coveting.
Here's what's got our attention this week.
  • If you’re like me, you don’t need another water bottle. You have more than one per person in your household, and really that’s more than you need. Because no matter how similar the water bottle tops + bottoms + straws are, they only fit one bottle–a parent’s nightmare jigsaw puzzle trying to match them up while trying to get out of the house for school, a workout, the birthday party, soccer practice. (Is this the right straw? No! It’s a millimeter too short!) But then, you see one whose beauty puts all others to shame, and somehow clouds your memory of all that top and straw huffing + puffing. Would be particularly handy + pretty at work, doubling as a glass, for the sophisticated glass-water-drinker you aspire to be. 

  • I’ve always loved the quiet time of reading with our kids, but now Griffin and I are reading books together that genuinely interest both of us, and it’s become hands down one of my favorite ways to spend time together. We both look forward to it, staying up a little past bed time to squeeze in an extra chapter or two. We're reading The Wonderful Wizard of Oz right now, and we’re both hooked. 

  • Griffin requested an ice cream cake for his birthday, and I was happy to oblige, having made one earlier this year for John’s birthday and realized it’s even easier than box cake! Plus, I love ice cream, just like the birthday boy. I riffed off of this recipe, using oreo cookies for the crust (crushed by hand in a plastic bag), layered vanilla and cookie dough ice cream, topped with Cool Whip + sprinkles. (Topped with our favorite candles!) I used a springform pan because I like the round shape + being able to see the layers. Wipe the outside with a warm towel to remove the ring cleanly. Simple + so yummy!  

  • I was invited to the premiere of Hip Hop: Songs That Shook America this week, a new show premiering on AMC. The Roots (who are executive producers) introduced it. And while this isn’t exact, Black Thought said “This is what you get when the gatekeeper’s of a culture get to tell their own story.” The series premiere documented the history of Kanye West’s “Jesus Walks,” and there are so many fascinating facts about the song that I never knew. Without spoiling everything (because you can watch it this Sunday Night on AMC), did you know that high pitched flute-like noise throughout is actually John Legend singing ? And did you know that the beat and the gospel components were arranged and sung by members of ARC (Addicts Rehabilitation Center) here in New York ? I can’t wait to watch more episodes as they are released.

  • A friend gave Major the sweetest crocheted eggs + heirloom carrots from Three and Bea for his birthday and he and India love them ! Also how amazing is this felt delicatessen ?! It’s an installation by artist Lucy Sparrow  at Rock Center where everything is for sale. These sweet little baguettes already sold out ! The mussels, the crabs, the grapefruit… and just about everything else are adorable.

  • We went Apple picking for Major’s birthday last weekend ! It was wonderful, and to thank the friends who trekked out of the city, India and I are going to make cards like this, this weekend. Such a sweet use of fall’s fruits.