Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Buying a baby shower gift ranges from the very personal to the very impersonal. We buy baby shower gifts when our closest friends and family have babies, and we buy them when a co-worker we barely know has a baby. It’s understandable that there are a lot of questions that go along with this sort of tradition. If you’ve never had a baby, registries, showers, and etiquette can be confusing. Before we delve into this topic, know that when you ask yourself what to take to a baby shower, there is no wrong answer. Anything you do for someone from a homemade card to an expensive baby registry item will be appreciated deeply by the receiver. What matters is that they know that you care about their baby and them. All of that said, we LOVE gifting. We love finding unique, beautiful and useful items and wrapping them in a super special way (something we offer on our site including a handwritten note). So if you too, like to think long and hard about what someone will appreciate, you’ve come to the right place!

We often get asked, “what’s the best baby shower gift you’ve ever received?” or “what’s the best baby shower gift for someone who has everything?” In response to these questions we put together gift sets so that when you ask yourself what to buy for a baby shower--all the guesswork has been taken out. We have a full page of suggestions that are the most useful and best baby shower gift ideas! You never have to ask where to buy unique baby shower gifts again. We’ve got the best baby shower gifts for the first time mom, and baby shower gift ideas for the new mom who has everything. We have thoughtful baby gifts and useful new baby gifts ideal for nursing. So when you’re thinking about what to buy for a baby shower or where to buy a baby shower gift, we’re here to help!

Take Me Home Set - $144

One of our favorite must-have, unique baby shower gifts is our Take Me Home Set which is one of the best baby shower gifts for first time mum. It comes nicely packaged in our XL Pouch (something also on the list of useful baby gifts, and one that gets used all through childhood as well as by an adult for themselves) and includes a Kimono Set, a changing pad, a stroller blanket and a small pouch--all of these things are practical gifts for babies, but are unique in our prints (we always have Mini Radish, and we rotate prints that are on Pajamas too like Hyena, Alligator and others). The kimono set is a three piece set with a kimono snap top, a footed pant and a cute cap, all in our soft organic cotton. The small pouch is perfect for things you worry will get lost at the bottom of your bag like a pacifier, a nail clipper, a bandaid or even your keys. The stroller blanket is double layer cotton interlock and is the perfect size to not be overwhelming for a small baby in a bassinet or stroller seat. As we said, all of these super useful pieces make it one of the great first time mom baby shower gift ideas.

Pajamas - $48

Something else we often get asked is if you give a baby shower gift do you give a gift when the baby is born? Our first answer to that is do what you’re comfortable with! But also, yes, many people will bring gifts to the shower and a newborn gift when they meet the new baby or send congratulations after birth. If you're buying a second gift, and know that the mother got a lot at her shower you might be asking yourself what to buy a baby who has everything? And it’s a fair question. As baby shower gift ideas of what to gift a baby, we often suggest slightly bigger pajamas that baby will fit into once they run out of all the teeny tiny baby shower clothes they've been given. For that matter, slightly bigger pajamas are also useful baby sprinkle gifts since newborn clothes stay in pretty good condition from child to child (they grow out of them so quickly!), but the older baby gets the more abuse clothing takes, and the more likely you’ll be replacing it for your next child.

Pajamas To Grow Into - $144

If one pair of pajamas doesn’t feel like one of the most practical gifts for baby because of how quickly babies grow out of clothing in their earliest days, and you're asking yourself, “what’s one of best gifts for baby shower?” then you should check out our “Pajamas To Grow Into” gift set which is three pairs of the same pajama set size 6-12 months, 12-18 months, and 18-24 months so that you can help cloth baby from the beginning and for over a year! We think this is especially sweet because the recipient parent will think of you every time they see this print (you have the choice between Hyena, Parsnip, and Magnolia), for a long time to come! This would be a great suggestion of what to take to a baby shower.

Welcome Home Gift Set - $199

When you’re looking for awesome baby gifts for first time parents we recommend our Welcome Home gift set (for $199). We might even say this is the best baby shower gift ever and at the very least one of our favorite baby shower gifts. It includes a swaddle and burp cloth set which are some of the most popular baby shower gifts, a pajama set and a quilted muslin blanket which are common baby gifts because you can use them so often!! And Bunny here is not to be forgotten, which we love as a gift topper, and most babies love because after a few months their cute little hands can wrap around him perfectly. You can choose from three different color and print groupings here including a blue + green set, a neutrals set and a pink set.

Baby Bundle - $136

Our baby bundle is both super generous and a no-brainer when it comes to what to bring to baby shower. This bundle is the prettiest grouping of our prints in a Swaddle, a Burp Cloth Set, and a Quilted Muslin Blanket. All three pieces are made of organic cotton muslin that is woven just for us, and combed for softness. The blanket is filled with a hypo-allergenic poly and quilted for extra coziness. In addition to making a great toddler blanket, this blanket is great as a stroller blanket, and as a nursery accessory in the early days. This pretty set comes in eight different prints and colorways.

Burp Cloth Sets - $24

Hands-down the best small baby shower gifts if you’re on a budget are our beautiful burp cloths!! They are so useful that once you gift them once, you’ll never have to ask, “what do you buy for a baby shower?” You can always start with practical burp cloths which are one of the most helpful and best baby shower gifts and build from there. Better yet, if you’re looking for trending baby shower gifts you can stick with this simple product and go for a color or a print that is popular at the moment. A grouping of burp cloth sets will get used over and over and are awesome baby gifts for new parents. We have eleven different prints to choose from.

Nursery Start Set - $180

This gift bundle is called our “Nursery Starter Set” and with good reason! It's one of the best gifts for baby showers, and most useful baby gifts with all the ground it covers for a new mom creating a nursery for the first time. Swaddles + Burp Cloths are forever helpful in the early days, and crib sheets are the foundation of a nursery, and the biggest way to instantly change the mood or vibe of the space. Knowing you can hop on our site and grab these six products, you’ll never have to ask yourself what to buy someone for a baby shower again! We carry a cute blue set (seen above), an adorable green set, a pink + neutral set, and a mauve set, depending on the taste of your gift recipient.

Newborn Kimono Set - $48

One of our most popular items for showers is our sweet baby Kimono Set, which is the perfect outfit for bringing baby home from the hospital in. It is also one of the best baby gifts for the mom who has everything, because every mother loves something new and special to bring their baby home in. This is definitely one of our hot baby shower gifts, as we can’t keep them in stock! The set includes a kimono top with snaps that is perfect for staying clear of baby’s sensitive belly button, an elastic waist, high-waisted pant with a footed bottom for keeping baby nice and cozy (they kick off all the socks!), and a sweet little matching hat.

Zip Pouch Sets - $48

We also think it's important to include a baby shower gift for new parents, which in this case is the pouches! They help keep a new mom organized on the go, and are made in adorable prints that will brighten her day. We often keep burp clothes, diapers, small toys, pacifiers, and a change of clothes in our pouch sets. This keeps us organized within one diaper bag, but also allows us to move our essentials from one diaper bag to another without losing organization or something important we need on us at all times (like diapers and wipes!). As an aside, our cute pouch sets are a great gift for non-moms too. They hold toiletries, wipes, jewelry, and other small things like chapstick and keys you don't want to have to dig around for at the bottom of your bag. Zip Pouch Sets can be paired with any other gifts for the perfect baby shower gift ideas that's perfect for new mom and baby. Another question is occasionally “what can i make for a baby shower gift” and we think that if there is something you’d like to make, a pouch set is a great addition and often a way to “wrap” what you’ve made, whether it’s clothing or otherwise. Some people ask are diapers a good baby shower gift? And while this widely depends on income level (diapers are practical for everyone, but way more appreciated by someone on a tight budget), our cute pouch sets are great compliment to gifting diapers. You can stuff your pouches full of diapers, wipes, etc. or just use the pouch set as a nice gift topper to a box of diapers.

XL Pouch - $32 

While we’re on the topic of Zip Pouch Sets and what to get for baby shower, it’s worth noting that our XL pouch is a uniquely large size and is great for the bigger hauls as well as a great size to put another gift in. So whether it’s Burp Cloth Sets, or Swaddles, or the smaller baby registry items like nail clippers, thermometers and other medical necessities, many must have baby shower items would fit beautifully into this XL Pouch.

Swaddles - $28

Are you still asking what are the best baby gifts? We believe anything you buy from us will be the best baby shower present because all of our products are high quality, organic fabric, in beautiful, nature-inspired, adorable prints and beautiful colors. But if you’re still asking yourself what to bring to a baby shower, another suggestion that is definitely one of the most needed baby shower gifts, is a beautiful set of swaddles. It could be any number of swaddles because they will all get used! Our super soft swaddles have endless uses for the first few years of a baby’s life--they are used to wrap baby when he/she is at his/her tiniest, they are sunshades on a stroller, makeshift blankets and changing mats, they are nursing covers and light stroller blankets. As baby gets older they often become security blankets or super hero capes. Choosing three (or more) of our gorgeous prints to sit together can be such an amazing aesthetic moment on such a useful product! You’ll never ask what to give at a baby shower again! We’d also say they are one of the best baby shower gift for a first time mom because she is starting from scratch and will definitely need them.

Baby On The Go - $72

When it comes to unique baby gifts for first time parents and wondering what to get for a baby shower, we love this combo of our pouch set and our burp rags or cloths. We call it “Baby On The Go” which might sound mundane, but to us it’s quite the opposite! We take these super useful everyday products -- a pouch set which mom can use for a lifetime to organize and compartmentalize all the little things she is carrying around for kids + Burp Cloths, which are useful for newborn spit up, and then the one million spills and sneezes that follow for the next ten years - and add this vibrant color and print. This way there is joy brought to the everyday. These pouch sets are always great baby gifts for mom who has everything, because she can literally never have too many. As a side note, we don’t generally assign prints or gender to our products and gifts, but sometimes we get asked for some baby boy shower gift ideas, and this is a great example of how choosing the print and color of our products make them exactly what you need them to be. Blowfish Marine products above would be the best baby shower gifts for an expecting boy mom.

Happy Baby Gift Set - $67

If you’re still asking yourself what some must have baby shower gifts are or what the best baby gift to give is, this “Happy Baby Gift Set” is a great, straightforward gift that includes great essentials! This bundle is $67, and these are even great baby gifts for someone who has everything because it could be a great new alternative to baby’s current nursery essentials, which is always so refreshing for a mom. On the same hand they are great baby shower gifts for first time parents, because as we said - you need these essentials! We offer this gift set in NINE different print combinations, so that you can make it very personal for the receiver. We’re positive you’ll never ask yourself what to bring to a baby shower again because each element here make for the most practical baby gifts.

Baby Quilt - $98

If you’ve read through all of our gift suggestions, and are still looking for unique ideas for first baby gifts or asking yourself, “what is an appropriate gift for a baby shower?” then you might like our remnant baby quilts ! These beautiful quilts are 53” x 53” and are made out of remnant pieces of our organic percale cotton and backed in bright white. They are beautiful as a nursery accessory and useful as play blankets on the ground indoors and out. They feel a bit like an heirloom, and many moms like to pass them down to friends when baby has outgrown them (though our families use them as picnic blankets for years!). The print shown in this image is our Pods in Denim, though what we have in stock is often a reflection of the prints we’ve run most recently. The high touch nature of this type of product makes it a truly special gift. These can definitely be suggested for baby wish list ideas, and are always be a great answer to, “what do you give for a baby shower?”

Some of the funnier questions we’ve ever been asked regarding baby shower gifts are, “what can I get my wife for her baby shower?” and “how to gift wrap a baby bath tub?” and also “how to make baby shower presents?” To the first question we can say, not much! A baby shower is not a traditional time for a partner to gift their wife, but a lot of partners do join a baby shower at the very end, so even some beautiful flowers would be a wonderful gift. More traditionally a partner gifts a wife after the birth of the baby, and the gift is generally for her, not for the baby. As far as wrapping a baby bath tub goes, we suggest shipping it right to the recipient so you don’t have to wrap it… And even better, we have great gifts to be given on baby shower that are small enough to wrap very easily! If you’re really looking to make a gift we suggest quilting or needlepointing, or wooden / painted toys as very memorable and useful baby shower gifts.

Art Prints - $45+

One last out-of-the-box baby shower gift ideas we have for you is the gift of a piece of nursery art! While this might feel like a personal thing to buy for someone else, we have prints at all different sizes and colors and you can have them framed right from our site, and they are delivered beautifully, and ready to hang on the wall. Art for a nursery can be a tough thing to find, so most new parents would welcome the addition of a beautiful art print. We have everything from Alligators to Oysters (above is arugula, clouds, and echinacea). All prints come in multiple sizes, and most come in a couple of colors. 

We also occasionally get asked questions from moms like, “how to find out where baby shower gifts came from when they arrive in the mail with no note,” or “how to ask for baby gifts without a shower,” or even more generally, “how to ask for baby shower gifts.” The answer to the first question is simple: email the company that made the gift! If there is any decent customer service, they will be happy to tell you who sent you the gift so you can properly thank them (we get this inquiry all the time when people opt not to put a note in with their gifts). The answer to the second (and really third) question is still pretty straightforward. Even if you’re not having a shower, the people in your life will want to surround you with love and gifts. Even people in your office will come together to gift you. So instead of forcing them to guess what you might need or like, make a baby registry! A registry is so important, even without a shower. It gives gifters lots of price points and options without you needing to even say what you need. In fact, most of the time the gifter will say “Do you have a baby registry,” before asking “what do you need?” A simple link from you, and there is no awkwardness. Then, even someone who is buying a baby gift for parents who have everything, doesn’t need to overthink it. They can just go right to the source. These answers should help with “what do you usually get at a baby shower,” because with a baby registry, there is very little guesswork! Since we have some of the most important and best baby shower gifts AND we wrap them for you, you’ll never be stuck running late for a shower and looking up how to wrap a baby bath tub for a baby shower.

So don't forget, when you’re looking for unique baby shower gifts for new parents, or you find yourself asking, “Whats the best baby shower gift ideas for first time mom?” we’ve made it SO easy ! Find our list of baby shower gifts, that answer all your questions like, “What to bring for baby shower? Or, “what are must have baby shower gifts?” or “what is the best gift for friend having baby?” or “What are the must have baby shower items?” just make a one click purchase on our gifts page, HERE.

PS. All of this said, we’re always here to answer personal questions about what to bring for a baby shower, so never ever hesitate to reach out to us directly on email, and ask something specific ! Just write to, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Happy gifting!!