Stay at Home Activities for Kids


Here are a few ideas + links for keeping your kids occupied + entertained in the weeks ahead at home. We'll keep updating this as we navigate this new reality together.

Be well + take care.
xoxo, Liz + Lizzy

  • A friend’s mom who’s an early childhood educator says the Scholastic Learn at Home site is very good. For first grade, for example, each “day” of learning is based on a story and a book (login to these is free) and there are little games surrounding each topic, like word matches or a little q&a. They offer lessons for grades Pre-K through 6+. Worth checking out! 
  • Toddler Boredom Busters - lots of fun ideas here. Especially love the hunts. 
  • Youngna Park of New York Times Parenting (and previously at Tinybop, our favorite kids app) and has compiled a good list of stay at home activity resources on her IG stories. She made it a highlight, so you can go back + reference. 
  • Speaking of Tinybop, our kids love their apps. They’re fun, with an educational focus + are beautifully designed. You can check out their incredible offering here.
  • Now is a great time for kids to send snail mail to friends + family. Our color-in cards are perfect for kids from the scribble-phase to neatly-within-the-lines phase. 
  • Days With Grey is a great  instagram account with activities for keeping toddlers busy. Lots of the supplies are things you might already have, and the rest are quick amazon orders. 
  • McHarper Manor is offering free online art classes every day at 1pm Eastern time, and she even has a list of the amazon supplies you might need to participate.
  • Storyline Online is the SAG Foundation’s literacy website where actors read beloved children’s books, and often expressively :) A nice alternative to regular shows for little ones. You can browse by book here
  • Starting soon: Oliver Jeffers reads one of his books everyday 6pm GMT / 2pm EST / 11am PST
  • Schools are Closing for Coronavirus. Now What? - General thoughts + some resources on how to spend this time, if you’re feeling stuck, and How to talk to your kids about Coronavirus NPR edition. 
  • Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube is fun for kids to stay a little active. 
  • @gothamgymnastics in Brooklyn is hosting live gymnastics web-camps every day, six days a week via Instagram here

There are lots of creative opportunities out there to keep kids occupied. Here are a few we personally enjoy:

  • Duct tape (hot pink here but any tape will do!) + cardboard boxes (or anything from the recycling bin)
  • Giving our plastic animal figures a “bath” (bowl of soapy water on the table)
  • Spray bottle of water + a rag to wash the windows
  • Homemade playdough: 1 C Flour, ½ C Salt, 1 TB Oil, 1 TB Cream of Tartar, 1 C Water, Add food coloring as desired, or extracts like lavender or mint. Bonus: make a kit out of it by adding some sticks or little figures. (James’ school uses a tray, glass pebbles and penguins to create a little snowscape that is very cute.)
  • Liz’s watercolor book, Splash of Color is great for ages 2+. Watercolor palette if you need.
  • Perler Beads to engage tiny hands with very focused work.
  • Grocery shopping is tough and scary right now ! Aisles are cleared, and delivery slots are booked. Here are 23 Pantry and Refrigerator Staple Ideas by Weelicous, and 30+ Healthy Pantry Recipes by Love & Lemons. And if you have more access to ingredients Love and Lemons also just posted 25 Super Fun Baking Recipes which is such a fun joint project for multiple age groups.  

A really wonderful all-encompassing resource guide to parenting during COVID -- recommendations for apps, podcasts, activities, ways to get involved in your community, and more.