Mother's Day Gift Guide

We are all about a planned (but not by us!) family experience any time, but especially on Mother's Day. A favorite brunch spot that's too out-of-the-way to be regular, a trip to the botanic garden with secret snacks in tow, a drive out of town for a change of scenery. We love it all! We also love these ideas here that can be mailed, wrapped + given with love.
xoxo Liz + Lizzy

From top left:

Dotted Porcelaine BowlHandmade in Maine by artist Chloe May Brown. Fill it with a favorite fresh fruit or other sweet treat.
Parsnip Tote - The prettiest carryall.
Clémence Straw Hat - Straw hats are one of those beautiful accessories it can be hard to justify buying for yourself. This one is from a favorite, Janessa Leone, and it’s packable!
Il Leone Necklace - C
rafted from an antique Venetian coin and meant to be worn as a reminder to be courageous. 
Zip Pouch Set - There's a reason that Cup of Jo and Pure Wow have recommended this handy set of three waterproof-lined zip pouches. They know it's up to us to keep it all together. If you're looking to tuck something inside, you could always include a few things that would make her smile, like her favorite face oil that she adores but is reluctant to keep purchasing herself, a book of one mother's suggestions that will make her laugh, a comb that is just as pretty as it is useful.
Simple Cake Book - Because cake might just change her life. Also, it comes with permission to have cake for breakfast, which is the nicest gift you could ever give anyone.
Custom Frame - Framing photos + artwork can get dropped to the bottom of our to-do list. Surprise her with a custom framed piece of artwork (maybe by your 3yr old?) or a family photo–they print on demand too! 
Duo Candlestick - T
he perfect tabletop addition that stands as a simple, elegant centerpiece all on its own.