Cotton Muslin Baby Quilts

A Quilted Baby Blanket is a beautiful way to introduce print into your child’s room–it is an ultra soft, highly-functional nursery essential that never outgrows its usefulness. An organic muslin baby quilt is the ideal gift for a growing little. As a newborn, baby will need a soft landing spot that is pretty and easy to move from room to room so you feel confident it looks just as good folded over the crib rail as it does in a bunch on the living room floor.  



 Quilted Baby Blanket - Stingray | Denim (above): Stingray is a customer favorite! This interesting creature has amazing textured skin that’s fun for everyone, and makes a bold statement printed on our muslin quilt baby blanket. Dark blues remind us of the sea, the salt air, and the perfect calming blue hour after the sun has set. We shifted our navy to a little softer, a little more faded, a little like your favorite pair of broken in jeans. Denim is the perfect neutral.

Baby gifts are as much for the parent as they are for the child, so our gifting mindset is always geared towards beautiful things for baby that parents will love too. Made of our very own 100% organic cotton muslin baby quilt lovies easily transition from a staple in your nursery to a treasured nap-time essential.

Your Quilted Baby Blanket will be a nursery all-star, and then grow in its usefulness as your toddler starts to need a crash landing on the floor somewhere or wants to drag an extra cozy blankie to the couch. Moms love using our cotton muslin baby quilts for play mats, stroller blankets on colder days, and packing up for on-the-go activities that might require an extra warm layer or impromptu picnic blanket. As your little grows into a toddler, a muslin baby blanket quilt can be towed from bedroom to living room, from car to classroom, as a familiar security blanket with endless uses. 

Quilted Baby Blanket - Oyster | Agave (above): Oyster is a customer favorite for its beautiful graphic nature. Our color Agave brings a sweet + bright element to it, perfect for all genders. This happy green is our most Spring-like color, instantly refreshing any space with a bright flash of green softened by just the tiniest bit of blue. It brightens any palette and is an instant dose of cheer. This blanket pairs well with our other prints in Agave + Marine. Above, this blanket is paired with bedding in Alligator | Bay Blue and our Baby Quilt - Pods | Denim

Our Quilted Baby Blankets are made up of a soft washable muslin shell, with super sturdy construction that is reinforced by quilted stitching. The quilting detail allows our quilted muslin baby blanket to be both pillow-like and durable, making it the perfect place to rest baby’s delicate head, that will also hold up to washing the inevitable spills. 

When added to a neutral nursery, our dusty pink muslin baby quilt (Quilted Baby Blanket - Parsnip | Mauve, seen above) draped over the crib rail or folded in a basket can liven up the space and pull in hints of romance and femininity, without being too girly. 

We began using Mauve while on the hunt for a deeper alternative to our beautiful Blush. We found our answer in this dusty mix of pink with a touch of blue, and since then, we seek it out everywhere. If you're looking for something a little more moody but still ultra soft mauve is the perfect pink for you. 

The colors we surround ourselves with help set the spirit of our space + our moods. With the utmost attention, we choose and test our colors to make sure they are the perfect shades to both stand alone, and alongside the rest of our line. Our cotton muslin baby quilt function beautifully as a statement piece in a room of neutrals, or act as a layer in a print on print moment. Every tone, be it bright or calming, dark or soft, is meant to work as well in a nursery as it does on the body, or anywhere else in your home. We lean toward modern colors that look as good in your nursery essentials as they might look painted on your wall. 

Quilted Baby Blanket - Pods | Wheat (above): Our quilted muslin blanket is our coziest blanket and perfect for a stroller, cozying up on the couch, or for the toddler bed. Seedpods are natural containers, protecting the little life inside. Our print, Pods, celebrates this womb-like vessel, as well as the moment of being let go. In Wheat, this print is subtle and earthy. Pairs beautifully with nearly every other color in our line. Create a beautiful set with other pieces in Pods | Wheat

Placed down on a cotton muslin printed quilt baby is free to roll and play on a soft cushion. Our 100% organic cotton muslin shell is gentle on baby’s skin, and the doughy polly fill insulates toddler elbows and baby heads from bumps during playtime. A Quilted Baby Blanket offers a splash of artwork, comfort, and security to your little one’s room and routine. 

Quilted Baby Blanket - Alligator | Bay Blue (above): We love Alligator for his toothy grin and spikey body. In Bay Blue, he's extra serene for a nursery, while still very much his fun loving self. Pairs beautifully with other blues + even pinks! Bay Blue is a beautiful gray with color mixed in. It is a little brooding and yet so soft. Bay Blue becomes a neutral against so many other colors, and beautiful on its own.

During the in between stage, when a child is ready for a pillow and blanket but not ready to move up to a twin bed, a matching (or coordinating!) set of a crib sheet, toddler pillowcase, and Quilted Baby Blanket is a great solution. A muslin baby quilt blanket is cozy enough for cooler temps, and light enough to kick-off in case of overheating. We love to see a matching set, like the Alligators shown above, but also see this as a beautiful opportunity to layer complimentary prints!