Mother's Day Edition: Liz's Mom Must-Haves

Clockwise from top left:

Handmade Potholders: My kids go through phases of making these, so we have a stack of them in our kitchen drawer that we use all the time as actual potholders or landing spots for hot things, but I also use them as coasters on my desk and nightstand. Having things around me that are made my hand, especially from my kids, is a total joy for me.

Exquisite Corpse: We've been playing this simple drawing game since the kids were little and is our go-to restaurant activity. You take turns drawing different parts of the "body" and then reveal the complete mismatched drawing at the end, which is like a mini surprise party. And it helps pass the time when kids are hungry–after a few rounds, just like that, the food arrives!

Trader Joe's: I'm a recent TJ customer and am hooked. First of all, I lug home two bags of groceries for the price of one. But everyone knows this. The joy for me has been discovering new things and sharing it with my family, like their Root Beer Float Bars which were a massive hit!

Pajamas: James was born just a couple weeks after we launched Lewis in 2016, and now he wears a size 8 !! That's just one size left in our current size run! I have always treasured our pajamas on my kids' bodies because they're tight-fitting (as all pjs need to be in the US), you really see them grow before your eyes. And that's especially true these days as my baby is almost sizing out of them. But NOT YET.

Zip Pouch Set: I have said it since we launched them six years ago, these zip pouches organize my life! They're in my everyday tote, my luggage, my plane carry-on, my beach bag, and we always have a couple by our front door ready to go–sunscreen, on-the-go games + drawing supplies. Wherever I am, a zip pouch is close by.

Rosy: The absolute love of our lives!! And a constant reminder of the power of simple joy–the way she greets us at the door with a toy, her heavy head in our laps, her preference to be close. Everyone should be lucky enough to have a Rosy in their life!

Tennis: I started playing tennis as an adult with a group of friends, and it's been so much fun to work on getting better. I recently played with our kids (who are also taking lessons) at a park for the first time, and it was a cloud-parting-sunshine-beaming-down-on-us kind of moment to be able to share this new-to-all-of-us sport.

Women's Sports: It's an exciting time for women's sports! And it's been so fun to watch pro + college games with our kids as they get older and gain real interest in them. Right now, we're cheering for Gotham FC and the Liberty! This t-shirt is just something fun I picked up to show this support, by women's sports media company Togethxr, founded by Alex Morgan, Chloe Kim, Simone Manuel and Sue Bird.

Painting Class: I starting taking a painting class in the Fall for the first time since college, and I started up again this Spring, and it's the best! The class has an incredible vibe. It's taught by painter Sara Woster, who is so funny and laid back and always so encouraging. I look forward to it every week. It's not always easy to get there, but I am always so happy to be there, and feel so grateful for the time + people there.

Peace Towel: I have a thing for jacquard towels, and this Peace Towel is my favorite. The simple symbol, the colors, the weight + material.

Chloe May Brown ceramics: I’ve been collecting Chloe’s beautiful ceramics for about ten years now? I use her pieces daily, and they bring me incredible joy.

Spindrift Grapefruit Seltzer: This for Lincoln are like sweats for the bigger kids–Cute, matching, and I dont need to think about it before I leave the house.

Appointed Notebook: The only notebook I use and buy another one when it’s done. I choose the lined version which has blank backs that I love using for quick sketches.

Love + Sage Daydreams Lip Balm:  I am a lip balm gal and this one is the best I’ve found. Smooth, not sticky, perfect little sheen that is just my kinda gloss.

Aesop Hand Soap: I'd only ever gifted this incredible but pricey soap to others. But this winter, I was going through a heartbreaking loss and treated myself to this. It lasted months and brought me joy every day at the kitchen sink. Pretty impactful soap! :)

Loeffler Randall:  If I'm not in slides or sneakers, I'm in LR. And usually carrying an LR handbag too. They've always been a design north star to me–their pieces are thoughtful, artistic, and enduring in both quality and style. Just the right amount of trend for me. I wear their Leonie ballet flats with everything, all around town and for three of four seasons. A staple, a workhorse and so cute!

Traveling with my family: I feel incredibly lucky to travel and experience new places together as a family. Each day is an adventure, taking in new sights, food and culture. It's not always smooth, but I love it so so much. I hope we can travel as a family for as long as we live!