How to Make Cardboard Masquerade Masks

How to Make
Cardboard Masquerade Masks

Mask Hero


  • Scissors or x-acto knife
  • Glue gun
  • Acrylic paint
  • Things to decorate the masks: pompoms, feathers, stickers, markers, tape, stick-on jewels - whatever you can mark with or stick on!
  • Wooden dowel rods for holding
  • Masking tape for reinforcing the dowel rod

Grownup Prep:
Allow time for paint to dry before getting the kids involved

  1. Start by cutting out the eyeglass “frames” from cardboard boxes. (We used an x-acto knife, but scissors will work too.) You can also cut strips of cardboard like we did to attach to the glasses for added drama.
  2. Paint the cardboard pieces and let dry.

Assembling with Kids:

  1. Let the kids pick out their mask frame and any cardboard pieces they want to attach. Grownups will need to use the glue gun to attach the cardboard strips.
  2. Use regular glue for adhering pom poms and feathers.
  3. Use markers and / or stickers for decorating.
  4. Grownups to attach the dowel rod with a glue gun at the end. Reinforce with tape as needed.

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