Daffodils for Lizzy

Hi friends, Liz here.

Yesterday, with great pride, we announced our 2020 Commitment with our charity partner, Room to Grow, as Lizzy went to the hospital to deliver her baby–alone–as her hospital in nyc banned visitors + partners from accompanying women in labor. We continue to look for ways to help all around us, and it's taking some digging creatively to help my dear friend + partner Lizzy when she needs it most. Like so many of her friends + family, I felt paralyzed. What can I possibly do for her? I sent a Seamless gift card and a care package I'd been saving for them. But I can't visit her. I can't deliver a meal. So I scaredy-pants took to Instagram Live and asked people to chime in their well wishes. Thank you to all who joined! I love the idea of her community coming together in one place.

And so today, I have another idea.

If you know Lizzy, you know she loves the first signs of spring as it marks the start for warmer weather + more time spent outside. We haven't yet used this daffodil drawing I did, and I thought now would be a great time to put it to use. I'm inviting you to download this daffodil coloring page here and would love for you to print + color it (or color it digitally on your phone or ipad!) and share it on Instagram by tagging us @lewisishome (or you can email it to me at liz@lewisishome.com) so we can see compile a beautiful bouquet of daffodils for Lizzy + her sweet baby boy. 

And of course, no pressure to participate. But if you do download it + decide not to share, I just ask that it's for your personal use only.

Thank you + be well!