All About Baby Sweatpants

baby sweatpants

It doesn’t get much cuter than a baby wearing sweatpants. They look like they’re ready to run a mile or relax on the couch, which says something about the versatility of baby sweatpants. If you have been wondering if you should add this essential loungewear piece to your child’s wardrobe, you have come to the right place! 

Why You Need Baby Sweatpants

Baby sweatpants are so versatile that you’ll definitely want to snag some for your kiddo. Lewis sweatpants specifically are designed to be worn year-round, so you don’t have to stash them away when the summer months begin. The 100% organic cotton material of our baby sweatpants is breathable and breezy, which means your tot won’t get too hot or too cold when they’ve got them on. Organic cotton is a soft, safe, and eco-friendly material that is conveniently easy to wash. 

Babies can do all of the normal baby things they do when wearing our leisurewear. This is because baby sweatpants are made for both comfort and movement, making them an ideal choice for daily wear for babies. Your little one won’t mind wearing our sweatpants made with organic cotton because they are not itchy or too tight. You don’t have to worry about your wiggle worm wiggling out of them either. While snug enough to rely on, our sweatpants are easy to slip on and off and do not have buttons or zippers that can cause any struggle that is dressing a toddler.  

A great thing about baby sweatpants and sweatsuits is that they are not bulky, so your baby can safely wear them in a car seat. Plus, Lewis sweatpants for boys and girls are adorable and will look great in any photo op.    

baby girl sweats


How To Dress Your Child In Baby Sweatpants  

You may think baby sweatpants can only be worn one way, but we are here to tell you otherwise! Sweatpants can be paired with a cute t-shirt or short-sleeved onesie in the summer or with a matching sweatshirt in the winter. Your baby will be happy to nap or play in our leisurewear year-round. 

Due to their casual but cute nature, baby boy sweats and baby girl sweats can be worn at home or when out on the town. They’re a great choice when dressing your little one for the playground, a lunch date, or a trip to the grocery store. Pair them with tiny sneakers and one of our matching sweatshirts for a full look that will make you and your baby smile. 

If you go for one of our full sweatsuits, you will find four adorable prints inspired by nature and sure to turn some heads at the playground. In the winter, baby sweatpants can be used to safely layer for extra warmth. Our sweatpants are breezy and leave room for a winter coat to be worn over them for those especially cold winter days. And in the summer, baby sweatpants can be worn by active children to protect their little legs from scratches, rug burns, and even the sun. 

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Lewis Baby Sweatpants Specifics

At Lewis, our baby sweatpants come in sizes as small as 6 - 12m and as large as 10Y. Although we do not have newborn sweatpants, you may love our newborn baby Take Me Home outfits designed for easily and comfortably dressing your new bundle of joy. 

Whichever print you choose, all of our baby sweatpants fit true to size and have a soft elastic waistband for added comfort and movement. The fit is loose and breezy, giving your little one plenty of room to run and play, or rest and relax. Lewis sweatpants can come alone or as a part of a set, perfect for a gift for the cool kid in your life.   

Probably one of the most important aspects of our baby sweatpants (and all of our products) is that they are made with 100% organic cotton. Organic cotton is soft, breathable, and is grown without the use of toxic chemicals or persistent use of pesticides. This means you can feel good about dressing your baby in our clothing.  

baby sweatpants


Final Notes

You know you love to wear sweatpants, and your baby will too! Lewis baby sweatpants are adorable, breezy, and cozy. They’re also versatile and ready for playtime or rest time. You can match baby sweatpants for girls and boys with a sweatshirt in the winter or a t-shirt in the summer, making them the perfect year-round daily use pants for babies.