1. Measure Your Walls

Measure the height and width of your space in feet. Round your measurements up. We recommend increasing the results by 15%.

Multiply the total width and the ceiling height to calculate the total square footage.

2. Calculate Number of Panels

Now that you have your square footage, refer to the panel square foot dimensions below to determine how many panels you will need to cover your walls. Both the Peel and Stick and Traditional Wallpaper Panels are 2' wide and either 4', 8' or 12' feet high, depending on your ceiling height.

Square footage per panel:
2' x 4' or 8 Square Feet
2' x 8' or 16 Square Feet
2' x 12' or 24 Square Feet

Take your total square footage and divide it by the square footage of the panel square footage, as listed above. For example, if your total square footage is 108 sq ft and you need 8' panels, you'd do 108 sq ft / 16 sq ft = 6.75 sq ft, so you would need 7 8' panels. If your total square footage is 58 sq ft and you need 4' panels, then you'd do 58 sq ft / 8 sq ft = 7.25 sq ft, so you would need 8 4' panels.

If you have any questions, please email us at hello@lewisishome.com and let us know the width and height of your space.