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Gift Wrapping

New Lewis Gift Box!

Our gift wrap got a major upgrade! For $6, send your gift in our new Lewis gift box, tied with ribbon and topped with your message, handwritten on Lewis stationery. Beautifully presented, right to their door.

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Add a Lewis Bunny for $20

Our handmade stuffed bunny fits perfectly into a baby's early-grasping hand and makes the sweetest gift topper. Choose the color (Pink, Blue or Green) that most closely coordinates with the rest of your items.

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Linen Spray

Add our new Linen Spray for $34

This light and bright linen spray can be used directly on linens or in the air anytime your space needs a little pick-me-up. Refresh furniture, closets, drawers. 100% all natural formula, custom-blended by beloved Brooklyn parfumerie, MCMC Fragrances.