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All the baby essentials you need, in prints you'll love too.
100% organic cotton

The Lewis nursery collection is rooted in both comfort and style, and each piece is designed and crafted with consideration for material, fit, color and pattern. Designed to allow your baby boy or girl to move freely, play and be active from even their first years, our baby clothes feature cuts and prints that are sure to become favorites for years to come. 

Baby bedding is a great opportunity to add texture and color to a nursery design. The fact that you can switch out your bedding for different options also makes it a wonderful way to experiment and create different moods. Whether you’re working in a set color scheme for your nursery or you’d like to mix and match patterns and colors, our Lewis Bedding options offer a range of beautiful, elevated prints that can help create a sense of play and wonder as your little one grows, requiring little else.

The cut and construction of our Lewis Baby Clothes are based on simple, classic forms that are timeless and well crafted so they’re able to withstand the wear and tear as your baby starts to get more physically active.

The entire Lewis line is made from 100% organic cotton, which is our favorite fiber for all things baby. Cotton has been the standard for years for its comfort and safety benefits — the fiber is so easy to wash and dry, ensuring that you’ll get tons of use out of your child’s cotton clothing. Cotton is hypoallergenic, so you never run the risk of exposing your child to fibers that could potentially cause a skin reaction. Unlike synthetic fibers, cotton also allows airflow between clothing and skin, meaning that it can be easily layered over and under other clothing with a reduced risk of overheating or irritation. 

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