Arugula | Spruce

$ 6
  • Available as Peel & Stick and Traditional Wallpaper

Our Arugula print is stunning as a wall cover. The scale and color saturation make this a beautiful choice for any space in your home. In our Spruce color, it feels bold and serene at the same time.

Prints change everything. They have the the power to profoundly alter a space or lift spirits, which is why our prints are the heart and soul of Lewis. From the very beginning, we’ve wanted to offer parents something that isn't so “baby” or “kid” that it drastically diverges from their personal aesthetic. This wallpaper collection with Chasing Paper is a perfect extension of this mission. These papers add joy and beauty to absolutely any space in your home.

Ordering Peel & Stick? We have found this simple kit to be super helpful.

  • All wallpapers are available as Peel and Stick and Traditional Wallpaper
  • 48" Repeat
  • Peel and Stick Wallpaper is made from high quality, self-adhesive poly-woven fabric and works best on very smooth walls. It is especially designed for DIY projects, but it can also be installed by a professional. 
  • Traditional Wallpaper is made from high-quality Lead Certified wallpaper. It's recommended that Traditional Wallpaper be installed by a professional.
  • Printed with GreenGuard Certified Latex Inks. Matte Finish. Fade and stain resistant.
  • Shipping + Turnaround: Wallpaper panels are printed to order and ship within 7 business days. Orders for wallpaper panels ship with a flat rate shipping fee of $20 per order. Wallpaper samples ship immediately from our warehouse, standard shipping rates apply. 
  • All wallpaper is printed to order and final sale. 

Peel + Stick How-To

1. To best prep your surface, use a damp cloth to clean and allow to dry fully.
2. Follow the installation guide here, courtesy of our wallpaper partner, Chasing Paper.

3. We have found this simple installation kit to be super helpful.

    1. Measure Your Walls

    Measure the height and width of your space in feet. Round your measurements up. We recommend increasing the results by 15%.

    Multiply the total width and the ceiling height to calculate the total square footage.

    2. Calculate Number of Panels

    Now that you have your square footage, refer to the panel square foot dimensions below to determine how many panels you will need to cover your walls. Both the Peel and Stick and Traditional Wallpaper Panels are 2' wide and either 4', 8' or 12' feet high, depending on your ceiling height.

    Square footage per panel:
    2' x 4' or 8 Square Feet
    2' x 8' or 16 Square Feet
    2' x 12' or 24 Square Feet

    Take your total square footage and divide it by the square footage of the panel square footage, as listed above. For example, if your total square footage is 108 sq ft and you need 8' panels, you'd do 108 sq ft / 16 sq ft = 6.75 sq ft, so you would need 7 8' panels. If your total square footage is 58 sq ft and you need 4' panels, then you'd do 58 sq ft / 8 sq ft = 7.25 sq ft, so you would need 8 4' panels.

    If you have any questions, please email us at hello@lewisishome.com and let us know the width and height of your space.

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