Linen Spray
Citrus Dew

$ 34

We created the most beautifully scented linen spray, exclusively for Lewis, with the help of our favorite perfumerie, MCMC Fragrances of Brooklyn, NY. When you or your space need a pick-me-up, mist this 100% all-natural formula directly on linens or in the air. It is bright and citrusy, with a subtle floral note, and a grounding base. This Yuzu + Bergamot forward spray is captivating with a fresh, natural feel. We spray it for moments of equal parts rejuvenation and calm.

Use to freshen bedding, clothing, even upholstered furniture. We like to spray this in our closets and drawers and in the air any time we need a little refresher.

4oz. All natural essential oil ingredients.

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