You Might Also Like: Yummy Prenatals and the best travel app!

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  • I first ordered these prenatal vitamins on a whim, but they surprised me with a very special feature ! When ordering you can choose lemon essence or mint essence, and having that hint of freshness (I chose lemon) during your first trimester when everything going down feels pretty terrible, was a game changer! I’ve never minded swallowing pills, but a hint of lemon makes it quite delightful.




  • Have you heard of the travel app Wanderlog? My niece told me about it when I was asking her for travel tips in Copenhagen, where she’d been studying abroad and where I was planning a trip. If you’ve ever manually created your own travel itinerary in google maps, this app is for you! Travel / sight-seeing game changer!!

  • I am a flat sandal person. Birks forever to be sure, fav cute ones for dressing up, and the staple I’ve worn since middle school, but in a new color I’m obsessed with and wear with everything. 

  • Can’t go anywhere without my zip pouches, especially now that we’re in travel season. MAMA for tech (chargers, headphones, extra long cord, tiny noise machine) and Tulips for toiletries.

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