You Might Also Like: Who knew we’d be into palidromes + Ways to give

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You Might Also Like

  • Cue the nerdiest thing I’ve ever said: We’ve been discussing palindromes at home. Mostly because of this cute book John has had since he was little. Our big kids have really taken to the concept and love trying to teach James, whose current favorite (and lets everyone know it) is POOP. (YAY)

    How amazing is the packaging on this waffle + pancake mix brand? A friend gave me their red velvet one, and I was immediately in love. I swapped it for our regular pancakes one random Saturday morning, and the flavor and red color combo was a hit! All their mixes are vegan, made with organic roots and grains, non-GMO and include no artificial additives and preservatives. A fun host or house warming gift

  • Covid put us in a real screen rut. (I realize I’m blaming covid, not us as parents, and I’m sticking to it!) These tips for transitioning kids off screens were helpful. Weather warming up is also helpful!

  • Perhaps you saw artist Polina Rayko’s mural-filled home in the news lately, as her town of Oleshky, Ukraine was overtaken by the Russian military and people feared the house may have been destroyed. (Sadly, as far as I can tell, it’s unclear if it’s still intact.) Rayko was 69 when she started painting, using it as a way to cope with grief and loneliness. Such a beautiful story and art piece and such a stark contrast to the unspeakable devastation surrounding it. You can read a bit more about Royko here.

    • I’ve never met a tissue box cover I liked until this one.

    • People have shared so many ways to give to the Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees and the love and compassion are a small silver lining to these times. Beyond the regular places to donate or send physical goods, I love this product fundraiser as well as this one and this one. I also booked some airbnb nights after reading Ukrainian home-owners’ heartwarming notes back to the bookers.

    • We were able to make our first donation to  UNICEF and their efforts to help children in Ukraine this week, thanks to sales on our site. We are a small business that is proud to be able to give back in whatever way we can. Sales from our site for the next three weeks will contribute to three more donations.

    • Our cute Louise Dress is on sale, it’s one of my favorites, and perfect for early spring. Numbers are dwindling in most sizes, so don’t wait!
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