You Might Also Like: Waffle Cones + Fairy Bracelets

You Might Also Like

A rundown of what we’re doing, watching, reading, coveting.
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You Might Also Like 

A rundown of what we're doing,
watching, reading, coveting.
Here's what's got our attention this week.
  • Every week, we have Sundae Sundays. After dinner, we bring out a pint or two of ice cream, all the toppings we have (sprinkles + chocolate chips), and it feels fun + festive–a real treat for all of us. But the piece of this puzzle that makes it feel extra special is the waffle cone. We usually don’t have ice cream cones at home because it seems almost equal to the ice cream shop experience. (And we have three beloved top rated ones all within walking distance of home.) The waffle cones really make our Sunday Sundaes feel like a party. Amazing how one little thing can make such a big difference. I’ll take all the little mood lifters, please!

  • My friend Julie directed the documentary It Started as a Joke, about the decade-long run of the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival. The film is a great reminder of the healing power of comedy, even in life’s most challenging circumstances. It’s heartwarming + heart aching + very human. For $4.99, you can watch and support their work.

  • I love following artists on Instagram to see all the inspiring ways they’re using their time right now. Jon Burgerman is making these sweet funny photo montages making his little playdough figures look larger than life and with real human feelings that are heavy and light at the same time. He’s also selling sweet little character paintings that make me smile.

  • A dear friend sent me a few products from Skincando, and while I really love them all, this Sage + Gold Toner is off the charts amazing (bold statement, I know). A quick spray on your face is incredibly refreshing, calming, and the smell is delightful--so much so I would bathe in it if I could. 15% off the whole site right now ! 

  • My  mom pulled through with this toddler activity and it ate up a couple of hours (serious win in this house). Both India and Major loved collecting flowers and leaves, and they proudly wore their bracelets all afternoon (we had painter’s tape instead of duct).

  • It’s been a while since I’ve had any polish on my nails (like most of us), and even longer since I’ve worn a bold color, but Olive & June’s summer release is making me want to sport all the brights (looking at you Wild & Free, + Fierce & Loving).