You Might Also Like: Seinfeld + Memes + Swaddle Uses

You Might Also Like

A rundown of what we’re doing, watching, reading, coveting.
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Side by side stills from our lives, this week at the lake and on the playground.

You Might Also Like 

A rundown of what we're doing,
watching, reading, coveting.
Here's what's got our attention this week.

  • India is going through a very clingy phase and it can make me feel like I’m failing in all things parenting and all things work, all at the same time. This article from New York Times  Parenting, made me feel a LITTLE better about when I plop her down in front of Daniel Tiger for some quiet relief.

  • Liz and I have long talked about the many many ways to use a swaddle.This week at the park we discovered a new one, and I couldn’t believe it after 4 years of having them pinch hit a thousand ways. As seen here they also (although I can’t in good faith suggest you try this at home) work as a toddler ride. I was terrified and shocked by how much weight these things could hold -- you’re looking at over 60 lbs in the last slide and Josh was spinning around in circles like this (while I yelled and panicked on the sidelines). I think this also speaks volumes to pandemic creativity when it comes to child entertainment. 

  • The sweetest bedroom with our Stingray sheets. They are sold out, but we have some other great options !