You Might Also Like: Say Gay + Busy Toys

You Might Also Like

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    • Of all the plastic toys I’ve been forced into thanks to Santa’s list, this trailer still entertains all three kids SO WELL. On any given day, one of the three disappears upstairs and can be found opening + closing, loading and unloading, and driving around. I’m still not entirely sure what the long lasting attraction is (let’s be honest, if a plastic toy still gets dedicated attention from three different children 3 full months later, it's a win), but I’ll take it!

    • This year, Josh and I are helping fundraise for Brotherhood Sister Sol, a youth outreach, education, and activism program founded in our Beloved Harlem 25 years ago. This organization has everything from afterschool programs, to leadership programs, to college prep programs, all geared towards Black and Latinx youth in NYC. If the Youth of New York City are near to your heart, consider donating any amount, here. (And let me know if you do, so I can thank you!)

    • Major insisted on wearing his T-shirt OVER his hoodie the other day, and it looked much cuter than I thought it would! Ready for sunshine in our snails (on sale!).

    • Been making meals out of this cookbook nonstop. They’re so simple to do, but tasty, and I love her suggestions for “planning-over” for using in a different meal later that week or for freezing.
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