You Might Also Like: Pass the Parcel + a Sad Week

You Might Also Like

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You Might Also Like 

A rundown of what we're doing,
watching, reading, coveting.
Here's what's got our attention this week.

  • Every month or so, I’ll throw you a curve ball and mention something super random here. It’s fun no? Here’s one for you: a 6’ long heavy-duty iphone cord. Told you so random! This one has survived its cheaper counterparts by far. The extra length is super helpful when we stay in a hotel or someone else’s house + the outlet is just a little too far for the standard size cord. We keep one in our car for road trips and the kids can charge ipads or music players from the outlet in the front seat. (Maybe newer cars have closer outlets? but ours doesn’t.) It’s super durable, claiming to withstand 30,000 bends (aka kid proof) unlike the standard version. Just don’t lose it! :)
  • Have you heard of the British game Pass the Parcel? If your kids watch Peppa Pig, they might know of it, as I learned :) I picked up this cute version at our local art supply store for a road trip the other weekend, knowing that we’d need entertainment in the hotel room, but never having heard of the concept, and it did not disappoint. Here’s how it works: You pass this little bundle around while music is playing, (John and I took turns singing songs instead) and when the music stops, the person holding the package unwraps one layer. In this version, inside is a “dare” card where you have to do funny things like name 10 animals in ten seconds. (Other versions have little prizes in every layer.) The last layer reveals a little surprise. It’s so cute + fun + funny + would be great to break out at a sleepover or party. Also, I kinda want to make my own for an adult dinner party. 
  • Do you use a thermal carafe? We have long been the people who, when necessary, make multiple pots of coffee + use water bottles to hold it + keep it warm while the next pot brews. Until recently when I got this thermal carafe as a gift for John. This one is so pretty + I was tempted, but it’s 50% smaller + much more expensive, so I opted for the other, but would be a nice gift for the hot all-day coffee drinkers in your life. 

  • India was given this Boogie Board Scribble & Play e-writer recently and it’s another amazing attention occupier / travel toy. You use the four different “pens” to color, and then hit a button to make it all disappear. Not a new concept, but somehow this one is more novel to her. 
  • Don't knock it before you try it — Killer Inside : The Mind of Aaron Hernandez on Netflix is a really fascinating look at the tragic murders and his suicide.
  • The deaths of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gigi have been so unspeakably sad that even scrolling through social media has felt very difficult for me this week. I can’t really get any words of my own out because everything makes me cry. I don’t have any pictures to link to that haven’t been posted countless times, or quotes by him that everyone doesn’t now know by heart. I just wanted to take a moment in this space to say how sad I am, mourning alongside most Americans, and how much I’m praying for his wife and three daughters. In the words of Carl Lentz in light of this tragedy, “...we can’t live in fear of the unknown, but perhaps all of us can slow it down sometimes and cherish and value as many moments as we can. Hug those we love as much as we can. Honor those in our lives, whenever we can. Make peace, seek forgiveness whenever we can. Because there will come a day when we cannot, and no one knows when that day is coming.”


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