You Might Also Like: Our new favorite fruit snack + our sweet radish PJ

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You Might Also Like 

A rundown of what we're doing,
watching, reading, coveting.
Here's what's got our attention this week.
  • Every year I do a class art project with one of my kids’ classes that’s auctioned off at their school benefit. It’s a fun excuse to use my hands in a new + different way. I usually do something textile related, but this year, I’m trying clay, using the amazing Sculpey. Have you used this before? It’s soft clay, available in lots of bright colors, that you bake in your oven to harden. It’s been so fun for us to play and experiment with. I’ll share a pic here of the final product in the next couple weeks if it works out!

  • If you have school aged kids, have you started to think about school valentine’s yet? I hadn’t until I saw my friend Erin post her cute heart treat bags (100 for $28 or 6 for $12). Fill with a favorite sweet treat + call it a day! 

  • My kids are going nuts over these all-natural fruit roll ups. They’re made from 100% fruit and vegetables and are of course delicious. But the packaging + marketing is really a winner in their eyes–and mine! Each pack comes with an adventure card inside representing a country + some fun facts about that country. There are 80 cards / countries in total, and my kids love collecting them. If you send the company 10 proofs of purchase, they’ll send you a free adevnture map + stickers. So fun!

  • Amy Schumer on Oprah’s Super Soul Podcast (live on Oprah’s Vision Tour) - two amazing very different women for 45 minutes. Spoiler alert, Oprah mostly laughs through it :). 

  • How cute and cozy is this Target jumpsuit ($32!!!)? Can’t wait to have a waist again to wear it this spring. 

  • I’m feeling so nostalgic that our sweet Mini Radish PJs are almost gone! Numbers are dwindling and I’ve always loved seeing them first on India’s little bod, and now Major’s (the photos of them on the product page are two of my favorites).  

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