You Might Also Like: New favorite snacks + The music of Sesame Street

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You Might Also Like 

A rundown of what we're doing,
watching, reading, coveting.
Here's what's got our attention this week.
  • There’s a line in the children’s book Goodnight Beach that says, “Does the beach make you hungry?” I didn’t know it was a common phenomenon until I read that, and it’s so true. We go through a ton of snacks at the beach. These are the “healthy” version of a Dorito and just as tasty! These disappear in two minutes in our house. And these are our all time favorite salty chip. 

  • I can’t believe it’s almost back to school! I’m anticipating a relatively easy drop off for James, but these tips were a good reminder of what to do if things don’t go so smoothly. At his age, Louise was clinging to me for dear life. Her teacher and I would have to pry her little fingers off me, one by one. It was so stressful and heartbreaking! One thing that helped her once she reached pre-K was keeping a small family photo with her. After all the family time we’ve had lately, I might get ahead of it and stick one in her pocket just in case.

  • James starts full days at school this year (heartbreak emoji) so we’ll send him to school with lunch for the first time. I know I’m probably unusually picky about a lunchbox (it’s just a lunchbox!) but I can’t help it. Searching for a cute printed one makes me think we need to partner with a lunchbox company! Radish lunchbox anyone?? I ended up getting him this one which I’m hoping will remind him of all the fun times he had fishing this summer and maybe help him strike up a conversation with a new friend.