You Might Also Like: Make Your Own Mousepad + Long Live NYC

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A rundown of what we’re doing, watching, reading, coveting.
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Side by side stills from our lives, this week admiring clouds and taking a hike.

You Might Also Like 

A rundown of what we're doing,
watching, reading, coveting.
Here's what's got our attention this week.
  • Griffin + Louise will be remote learning until October (likely longer), so while we may not be mentally prepared (still feeling so sad about it!!), we are getting physically prepared with supplies! My friend had the sweet idea to let her kids design their own mouse pads as a way for them to (sort of) get excited about school at home. This custom mouse pad has a variety of simple + non-graphic photo layouts, including just one big image which is what I’m imagining, using the kids’ artwork. They may have other ideas that I’ll try to surrender too :)  

  • Speaking of remote learning + supplies. This includes us parents too! I’m stocking up on my favorite chocolate bars of all time. And my new favorite gin

  • My sister in law has been an ER doctor in Salt Lake city for 24 years. She said one of the hardest things about treating patients with Covid-19 has been the disconnect between these patients and their loved ones who are usually with them in the hospital. Using patients’ phones or tablets to communicate with doctors is not ideal because it has to be held by the patient who might not be able, the battery dies, small screen, poor connection, doctors aren’t touching patients phones. It’s clumsy and not effective. It’s this disconnect in complete care + personal connection that she says is negatively impacting patients’ well-being. So my niece and her high school friends (along with the fundraising arm of the hospital medical group) have started a fundraising effort to provide ipads on wheels to patients through the Virtual Family Project enabling patients and their doctors to easily interact with their loved ones, to make them more integrated in the treatment and overall care of the patient. As someone who has sat beside a loved one while dying in a hospital, I completely understand the need here, and I’m so inspired by these kids starting this!! I’m behind it 100%! They’ve only just gotten started. You can read a bit more about the project here.

  • Long live NYC.

  • I’d be lying if I said this past six months hasn’t given rise to a lot of anxiety for me--something I haven’t experienced a ton of in my life. For global, local, and personal reasons I often have a jittery stomach like I’m about to go on stage and deliver a speech. Of course, reading headlines and listening to the news only exacerbates this. And when I don’t, I feel guilty for not engaging with everything going on in the world. I loved this soft reminder that sometimes it’s okay to take a moment and just focus on the tiniest blessings. These things really can change the course of a day or a week. 

  • There has been the tiniest hint of fall in the air the last few days and it has me eyeing fun fall clothes that I have nowhere to wear ! This skirt is the perfect piece to wear now through the end of the year, and really can’t go out of style. These flats are perfect for staying at home or venturing out, and I’m also loving this shirt of hers. There are so many good sales right now, and I was surprised to see some great early fall pieces at the Gap like this top, this romper, and these jeans (although I don't know the last time I tried on Gap denim -- can anyone attest to how they fit ?!).

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