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Side by side photos of Liz and Lizzy's family life this week. Both sons play outside, in the grass and at the beach.

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A rundown of what we're doing,
watching, reading, coveting.
Here's what's got our attention this week.

  • Josh has been growing a vegetable garden since we got to Rhode Island in early April. In the last couple weeks we have so many greens we can’t harvest and eat them fast enough. I’m also putting more pressure on myself to make delicious dishes with them because I know how much time and care went into their growth. We’ve gone through a TON of collard greens--almost all in the form of this food52 recipe, and they are amazing. Even our kids eat them, who tend to avoid leafier greens. The recipe couldn’t be simpler or quicker

  • In the past couple weeks I’ve been introduced to so many amazing Black Artists. Particularly striking are the textile pieces by Simone Saunders, paper and plaster reliefs by Ronni Nicole Robbinson, and paintings by Calida Garcia Rawles.

  • If you haven’t read Elijah McClain’s words, before the 23 year old violin player was killed by the police, you must. The transcript from the police officer’s body camera is one of the most difficult things I’ve ever read. He was killed almost a year ago, and the officers that committed this heinous crime are still working on their police force. Sign this petition to demand justice for Elijah and for his family.