You Might Also Like: Indestructible and compostable plates + chill your drink in style

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You Might Also Like 

A rundown of what we're doing,
watching, reading, coveting.
Here's what's got our attention this week.
  • Okay, I know I was pretty impressed with these plates last week (still am!), but these have really won me over with their layering impact + earth-friendly material. This one + this one as a set is really calling out to me. They’re made from bamboo, printed with food grade ink and they’re compostable! Don’t need indestructible plates? What about the matching tea towel set? Love it all.

  • I always love seeing what Ikea comes up with for their seasonal collections. For their Sommar (Summer) series, I’m loving this beverage cooler (when not in use, I’d put it on the grass or a deck and let James bathe his dinosaurs), this sun-shiny kitchen towel set, and this cute beach towel.

  • This time of year is busier than the holidays with so many end-of-school events and an influx of parties for summer birthdays. We’re birthday-party hopping every weekend. I try to have a few favorite kid gifts on hand so I’m not scrambling last minute, and this watercolor book I did with Chronicle Books, paired with a watercolor setis my old faithful. I love it for toddlers and big kids (and adults!), which I can’t say for many gifts.

  • Food52 continues to blow me away with their store. They constantly come out with products that make me think, “Yes! This is the solve I couldn’t come up with on my own!” This is exactly how I felt when I recently saw this ice tray. I often lament that we don’t have an ice-maker (champagne problems, I know). I hate the inconvenience of trying to pop cubes out of cheap plastic trays every time I want them, not to mention that the tray needs to be filled basically every time you use it (water slushing everywhere, trying to find even ground for it in a crowded freezer, the list goes on). I love that this HOLDS extra cubes for you! Make them on your own time, store them here. Better yet, if you have company over this is pretty enough to pop the top off of and have out with your glasses and drinks. Another home run from Food52!

  • Reading this made me choke up on the train. What a real way to impact part of the next generation and their barriers to a success.

  • A dear friend gifted Major this sleep sack and we love it. It is incredibly soft, and comes in great solid colors that coordinate so well with Lewis sheets! I have been through many over the years, and find so many have cheap zippers that break, or bad prints. This super snuggly one has been our go-to since he grew out of The Magic Merlin (which is a post-swaddling lifesaver).