You Might Also Like: Gift Guides + Small Business Saturday

You Might Also Like

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  • Have you seen our recent gift guides for Friends + Family and Kids? If we had done one for Sisters + Best Friends, in addition to our amazing made-in-Sweden trays that I am OBSESSED with, I might have suggested to include a piece of jewelry–like this pretty little heart necklace or this one called Peaceful Girl with a Fist (love the name) or this beaded beauty. And these super cute slippers she’ll live in! For the guys, I am thinking about cardboard cutouts to sit in the stands at their favorite football team’s stadium when they can’t be there, and a certain someone has already hinted at liking this vest. The most unlikely winner of a grownup gift just might be a simple photo album from this crazy year so we can be sure to remember the bright spots.

  • I have been seeing these porcelain pens cropping up on Instagram lately, and I can’t wait to try one out for a few special gifts this year. 

  • This weekend, I cannot wait to make the Pepparkakor recipe from our Recipe Booklet. The baked gingerbread smell is like filling the whole house with pure joy. This little booklet is our small but meaningful way of giving back this holiday season. All proceeds ($17 per purchase) goes to No Kid Hungry, an organization working to end childhood hunger by helping launch and improve programs that give all kids the healthy food they need to thrive. I love the idea of pairing the booklet with a set of napkins or cocktail napkins or my aforementioned beloved trays.

  • My mom sent me a picture the other day of a woven paper heart basket hanging on her tree that I believe I made in Montessori School (so somewhere around age 4!). Given that we have zero ornaments for the tree we chopped down last weekend (don’t judge! This is our first Christmas at home, and our first Christmas not living in a one bedroom apartment), I thought we might need some baskets of our own. I found a youtube video, and they couldn’t be simpler or sweeter (written is helpful for dimensions). I also plan on baking some orange slices and stringing some cranberries or popcorn.

  • I learned about so many beautiful small businesses this weekend with all the Small Business love on Saturday! There is such grassroots marketing power when we all share what we love. Some highlights are these delicate barrettesthis architectural soap, and this reimagined spice rack + spices. All great holiday gifts ! 

  • I have been ordering a ton of our new pjs as gifts for kids that we love and can’t see this holiday. I know I am biased, but really -- a cozy PJ that siblings can match in might be one of the best gifts year round. I’m so excited for friends to get them ! Especially easy when I can write my note in our checkout and know that it’s being printed on one of our pretty cards.