You Might Also Like: Favorite $40 Shoe for Summer Traveling + My Summer Uniform

You Might Also Like

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  • This interview is fascinating. Psychiatrist, Stanford professor and author Anna Lambke discusses addiction–and not just the obvious types. She talks about how she herself was addicted to romance novels. I particularly appreciated her realistic approach to navigating our kids’ overstimulated lives. Definitely worth a listen!

  • This summer, we’re heading to Sweden to visit John’s family, and I can’t wait! We’ll be spending most days out and about, so I’m counting on two things: comfortable shoes and making sure I have everything we need to keep us from getting bored, hangry and sunburned. All you can do is try!

  • I love a jazzy printed collared shirt as a dressy option for my kids. We have a couple weddings this summer, and I’m eyeing this and this, both of which I think my boys would love. A little dressy, a little fun.

  • James turns six this weekend! He’s still obsessed with dinosaurs (and other reptilian creatures, real and imaginary) so we’ll be celebrating with cupcakes and these cute toppers.

    • @Courtneygrow inspired my summer uniform which consists of these jeans and this tank top.

    • The sun is out in full effect and I'm eying this, this, and this hat.

    • I’ve been making this soup on repeat lately (even though it’s getting warmer!). Its a great vegetable drawer emptier.

    • I’m headed to a dear friend’s bachelorette party in a few weeks. I bought all of the girls on of our XL pouches to fill with some goodies and to be used as a beach tote!
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