You Might Also Like: Dinosaur Bone DIY + Sale Alert!

You Might Also Like

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  • I think about this Twitter post every time I open our kitchen cabinets now where we have stockpiled these jam jars as glasses. (They are the perfect durable kids glasses btw!) The story’s claims haven’t been proven, but it’s plausible enough to make me smile and keep buying.

  • Can’t quit the 57.2 degree jacket

  • Last weekend, we made dinosaur bones from salt dough, which comes together in a snap. Flour, salt, water. That is it! Louise had the idea to make these after seeing a 5-min craft video, but here is a simple written tutorial I found. It was fun to create and chat about the different shaped bones, teeth and talons we were making. You could take it a step further and bury them in dirt for an archeological dig, but James has chosen to haul them around in his dump truck. :) (Heads up: they do need to bake for three hours. But where else are you going?)

  • I am really enjoying following along with this clothing line. I love how on trend yet still unique all of their pieces feel, and their prints are beautiful ! 

  • Doen is one of my favorite clothing lines because they really speak to my inner / former flower-child self, and when I have bought from them, they usually end up being items I wear consistently for seasons. The first dress I bought from them over 3 years ago, and it still gets constant wear in warm months. They’re having a pretty big online sale right now, through the 14th which is pretty rare for them !! 

  • This recipe has become a repeat in our house which means it's a winner ! Everyone loves salmon here, and the noodles have a subtle fresh delicious flavor with a no cook sauce ! Easy and delicious. 

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