You Might Also Like: Dancing in the kitchen to these tunes + Counting With Wayne Theibaud

You Might Also Like

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  • We watched Sing 2 last weekend (twice!), and it was a total delight. As expected, the music was amazing. I’m sure it exists elsewhere, but John made a playlist of some of the original songs, in case you want to relive the music like our kids do.

  • It’s FRIGID here in New York right now. I bought this dickie for skiing, but I’m wearing it every time I go outside now. Made from deadstock fleece, it has a soft rigidity to it that allows it to stay up, which is key! I also love that it’s made by a small woman-run company. Yes!

  • Louise is obsessed with trying new gymnastics moves and is currently working on a back handspring. (With me as her spotter!) For Christmas, she got these grippy socks to keep her from slipping on our floors, and they’ve been so great for practicing all over our apartment!

  • Speaking of gymnastics, we’ve been binging Dance Moms. Have you seen this show? John can’t stand it (says they fight too much? I must be numb to the reality show playbook I guess!) but Louise and I love it! The movements, the dance culture, the drama! There is some nastiness among the moms, as you’d expect, that’s probably not great for younger kids, but Louise and I just laugh at how ridiculous it all is.

    • I was sad to learn of Wayne Theibaud’s passing this holiday. He was such a wonderful painter and I’ve admired his work since college (and he seems like such a wonderful person). If you love his work like I do, you’ll love this cute counting book my mom bought for India, and I read to all three. I get to enjoy the art, they get to enjoy the counting.

    • Outside of Lewis Sweats, India and I have never done any mommy + me matching but I’m always tempted! Can’t get over how cute this for mama this for baby is (also this + this!).

    • Mathias just stopped wearing a sleep sack, and in this freezing weather I’ve tried to make him nice and cozy in these !

    • Have you watched Insecure over the years?? I’ve always loved it, but this final season especially really pulled at my heartstrings. I laughed and cried  with Issa as if we were besties. If you haven’t watched it, I highly recommend it. I’ve also loved following along with @shionat, their head  costume designer, to get all the details on their amazing designer clothing.

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