You Might Also Like: Best Olympic Commentary + A Cure For Winter Blues

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YMAL Feb 10 2022

    • I just sent a friend some pretty roses from Grace Rose Farm for her birthday which are so much nicer than the typical rose options. Still a great option if you’re needing a Valentine’s Day gift (plus they’re offering 20% off)!

    • The New York Times put out an article this weekend about Steven Rinella, and a world where hunting and conservation intersect. This concept, or way of life, was introduced to me by my husband who is an avid hunter in the most earth and animal loving way (I realize for some this sounds crazy!). The article does a great job of articulating a world most would never imagine when they envision hunters.

    • @Courtneygrow influenced me to try the Saie Beauty Glowy Super Gel, and will I was there I threw their Liquid Lip Balm in my cart. The Gel smells great and is a quick layer of glow either with no other makeup or before you throw some on, and the lip balm is as smooth as butter.

    • India can’t get enough of our Bird Pajamas. The bright happy pink calls to her from her pajama drawer, and I can’t blame her! They’re a great way to stave off winter blues.
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