You Might Also Like: A whole new (to me) peanut butter + The eternally entertaining toy

You Might Also Like

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  • My friend recently  turned me onto this whole new take on peanut butter, and it’s now my go-to toast with either apple or banana on top. Delish!

  • My obsession with print has extended to footwear. My everyday clothes look instantly more put together and interesting. And, they’re *so* comfortable.

  • I’m a notebook person. It keeps me organized in work + life. And is a nice break from my otherwise very digital existence. This one is my very favorite, and I just purchased it again in the pretty Fern Green color. If you like a little larger format, they just introduced their Notebook (7.5” x 9.5”) in this amazing Mineral Green color! All the greens, right now.

  • Speaking of notebooks, whenever we’re out + about with the kids, I always have a zip pouch with three little notebooks and colored pencils. It’s our restaurant / any downtime ritual. They draw, play games, write funny stories. For our upcoming trip to Sweden, I thought it might be fun to have a dedicated notebook for each of them to document the trip, so, I got them these cute mini jotters and am hoping to make time for it each day. And since it’s light there till 11pm, we should have lots of time! :)

    • My mom bought these stacking toys when India was born, and every grandchild (all 11 and counting) has loved them through today (Mathias is always looking for the “hoo-hoo ha-has” at her house).

    • I’ve needed quick dinner recipes lately, as we want to stay outside on longer warmer days. I can have this ready to go with rice in a half hour flat, and everybody likes it!

    • We don’t need these in our lives anymore, but how sweet are these sippy cups?

    • Rhode Island is chilly at night in the summer, and we were living in our sweatshirts while we were there last week.
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