You Might Also Like: A new go-to photo filter + a girl crush

You Might Also Like

A rundown of what we’re doing, watching, reading, coveting.
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You Might Also Like 

A rundown of what we're doing,
watching, reading, coveting.
Here's what's got our attention this week.
  • VSCO filter FN16 is my new photo filter go-to, and now my camera roll is full of beautiful black and white photos. Next step, a pretty book of them.

  • Griffin is taking a meme class as part of a three week creative arts camp he’s doing this summer. I’m excited to see what he learns / comes up with. This meme series is my favorite of all time. #42 hahahaha; #38← it me!

  • A reminder of what a great (and unlikely?) song this is to run to. Or walk to, or clean to, or anything. At full volume, of course. 

  • Shea Mcgee of Studio Mcgee, is a long time business woman / girl crush of mine. Her taste is impeccable, the scope and size of her business have grown at lightning speed, and on top of all that, she comes across as just the sweetest. Because of all this, I was so thrilled to see this Domino article about her favorite Ikea purchase, and how in their beautiful new office, they’re STILL using it ! If you’ve followed us from the beginning, you know this crib is our all-time favorite, and I have trouble believing I’ll ever tire of it, or anything will ever seem better.

  • Major has a hand-me-down pair of these and they’re a summer favorite so far ! They’re so light and easy, and loose on those chubby little 9 month legs. I love that the waist pulls nice and high over the belly. I love them so much I think he needs a few more pairs for a summer uniform (plus they’re on sale!).

  • We came home from The Poconos a few weeks ago with maybe 15 zucchini, and it became a game to try to use them all before they went bad. My favorite use (besides straight up roasted which is delicious) is to grate them into turkey burgers. You sneak a veggie into a burger, and it adds great moisture. They taste light and summery, and you need so few ingredients on hand--its become a staple !