You Might Also Like: A new favorite sweet treat + advent calendars for adults

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A rundown of what we're doing,
watching, reading, coveting.
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  • There were a LOT of desserts at our 26 person Thanksgiving. A lot. And I love pumpkin pie (and dessert in general), but the shining star of them all was the unexpected bowl of buckeyes. Oh man, were they tasty! Maybe it was because you didn’t have to dirty another dish to eat them or maybe because you could pop one in while breezing by the dessert table on your way to wrangle a toddler. It’s most likely because there is no better combo than peanut + chocolate. These would make your next host or house guest very very happy. Guaranteed.

  • We included this in our most recent Gift Guide for Her + Him, but it’s worth mentioning again. Now through December 31st, Patagonia is matching all donations to environmental causes via Patagonia Action Works. I am inspired by this as a mom + business owner, and I couldn’t think of a better excuse to give. You can explore all the organizations that Patagonia has partnered with here. If the donation is a gift, you can print your card for your recipient or send them an e-card like this one

  • For the past couple years, I’ve been pretty devoted to the fitness studio, Orange Theory. It’s high intensity interval training and reminds me of workouts I did when I played team sports in high school + college. I really love it. But, there’s one class (called The Class) that my sister introduced me to years ago that’s very different, all body-weight based, that I really love for the way it gets into my head + heart. It’s a workout experience. It’s only offered in Manhattan, and I don’t get there much–so I am thrilled that they just announced a digital studio version! It’s all live-streaming (I hear they’re hoping to offer an on-demand version), but if you need to workout at home + these times work for you, I would definitely try it out. There’s a 7-day free trial.


  • The most fun adult Advent Calendar ever. 

  • This article really resonated with me (found via Cup Of Jo). Winter has been HARD for me in my adult years. I think it’s time to do a better job of just embracing it and letting mind over matter win.

  • Love ClareV’s collab with Adam Scott. I especially love this bag, but all the pieces are great gifts !