Using Zip Pouches At Home: A Conversation

We usually use our Zip Pouches on the go. And while we're very much "at home", we're still out and about and have countless reasons to corral and organize. Here are the zip pouches we're using most right now, in similar but new ways.

Scroll to the bottom to hear Liz + Lizzy talk more about today's post and catchup on Life in Quarantine, on their first ever podcast episode!



Liz: "The three distinct ways I’m using our Pods Zip Pouch Set pretty much sums up my life these days: Safety First, Get That Vitamin D, Nighttime Chill Zone.

Safety First is the smallest pouch: MCMC Hand Sanitizer spray, Henne Organics hand cream to make up for all the sanitizing, MCMC perfume roller because showering is optional + don’t wanna smell like it, hair ties (because Rapunzel), the bracelet Louise made me week 1 of quarantine and my face mask.

 Nighttime Chill Zone is the medium sized zip pouch and stays on my nightstand. It holds hair ties, rose water face spray (my nightly reset button), Chill oil that smells so good and reminds me to breathe deeply, lip balm because I love the way it feels, and AirPods for The Tweedy Show, an IG Live show that happens every night + makes me so happy. "

Get That Vitamin D is the largest pouch. Nothing feels as good as the sun on my skin right now. But of course I’m a burner, so I have to wear SPF and so do my kids. Sunglasses (thanks to my friend who worked at a fancy department store + snagged these for me), face sunscreen, spray sunscreen for kids, stick sunscreen for kids, lip balm, and always always a lollipop, or five. 



Lizzy: "Just because our weekends aren’t filled with brunches out, hours at the playground, and overnights at friends’ houses doesn’t mean I don’t need very certain “stuff” within arms reach at all times.

These days they are shorter walks, time at the water’s edge, or drives just for the sake of a scenery change, but newborn essentials are critical ! I keep my XL pouch ready with our changing mat, burp cloths, diapers (in two sizes for Major too!), wipes, sunscreen, a hat, hand sanitizer and a paci.

If I grab this for any sort of excursion (or even so i don’t have to go upstairs when I’m down) I know basic needs can be met. If we’re leaving the house I’ll throw in my Loeffler Randall heart wallet, sunglasses and phone and then I’m covered too."


We're huge podcast consumers and have long talked about starting one ourselves, but we made a hundred excuses and pushed it off. Abby has always said that our desk chats were podcasts and she was its only listener. Without those desk-side chats happening these days, we thought it was the right time to bring it into the virtual space and let you in on it. Have a listen! (Note: this was our first attempt! We're hoping to smooth out the rough patches as we go. Hope you enjoy!) 

Recorded May 2020