Our Gift Guide for Summer Hosts

From top left:
Lewis Stingray Burp Cloths: Wrapped around a wine bottle. There are two burp cloths in the set. Wrap the bottle in one and use the other to tie around the bottle neck. Your host can use them as napkins or kitchen towels like we do!
Sunshine Grand Plate: Topped with homemade cookies - a beautiful terracotta plate your host can use equally for lunch or serving cheese + crackers. 
Salad Servers - simple, elevated.
Unfiltered Greek Olive Oil Set: We love the packaging plus everyday-use-factor of these pantry staples.
Fishy Soap + Hand Towels: This soap is surprisingly big, which adds to its appeal. Can't go wrong with hand towels, especially in classic navy plaid. 
Ash + Stoneware Pitcher: We're big fans of pitchers that can sit pretty on a shelf, be used for kids or adult beverages and elevate backyard-picked flowers 
Simple Fare Cookbook + Lewis Tote: We love these cookbooks (inside + out) from our friend Karen Mordechai. Our Parsnip Tote makes a perfect package.
Lewis Throw Quilt: For curling up on the couch + fort making. 
Zip Pouch Set + Saipua Soap: We've given countless zip pouch sets as gifts, and the liner is especially helpful for holding potentially messy products like sunscreen. We love a great smelling gift, and this soap is incredible.

Something for Kids:
Gold Duct Tape + Construction Paper: Keep it simple, but shiny!, and let them get busy. 
Lewis Stingray Pajamas: We're biased, but we think pajamas are a great gift.
Actual Size: A book they'll look through and talk about over + over.
Bead Kit: One of our favorite activities while taking a break from the sun - to do solo or with friends.