The Organic Cotton Fitted Crib Sheet

When we began our line we kept our initial goal very narrow so we could focus on getting one product perfect: the organic cotton fitted crib sheet with beautiful nature-inspired prints that could refresh an entire room with the changing on this one soft good. We focused on prints that a parent would love to see in every room of their home, that also encourage and inspire a little one’s curiosity. We’ve maintained this ethos through all our products, but the crib sheet remains so powerful because of its anchoring presence in a nursery.

Organic Muslin Crib Sheet in Parsnip | Mauve (above): Both strong + sweet, Parsnip represents the many fascinating dualities we’re drawn to in nature. Mauve is our pretty muted pink that pairs well with other natural textures and muted tones, as seen in this Nursery Look. Our muslin is super soft for Baby's snuggly sleep.


Crib Sheet in Oyster | Agave - 100% Organic Cotton Percale (above) : Oyster is a customer favorite for its beautiful graphic nature. Agave brings a sweet + bright element to it, perfect for all genders, pairing well with our other prints in Agave + Marine. Our soft + crisp organic percale makes for a clean structured fit. To shop the complete look for your growing little, check out the matching toddler pillowcase!


Crib Sheet in Radish | Mauve, 100% Organic Cotton (above): Radish has a slightly floral look, but it’s a hearty root vegetable–a contrast we adore. Mauve doesn't feel typically girly or too baby, and offers plenty of opportunity to grow with you.


Organic Muslin Crib Sheet in Seaweed | Bay Blue (above): Seaweed is one of our original prints and is great as a base for any nursery look. Bay Blue is our softest + most calming blue, and yet makes such a statement as a saturated base color. We design our products to look great in any room of your home and to withstand everyday use. Our unusual prints are applied to utilitarian products, bridging the often overlooked space between useful and beautiful.



A soft fitted crib sheet in a print you connect with and colorway you love is the perfect piece to begin with when designing your nursery. Pretty crib sheets can anchor your nursery’s aesthetic, and  can easily be switched out when you’re ready for a change! The best crib bedding should work well in your nursery without clashing with the rest of your interior. We founded Lewis on the principle that finding the best sheets for baby does not have to come at the cost of your personal style or taste! All of our nature-based prints begin as beautiful ink and brush drawings, which are screen printed on 100% organic cotton (milled just for us!) in modern colors we’d happily use throughout our home. Cute baby sheets were the first piece we developed for this reason! We were in need of cool crib sheets that would inspire beauty without looking like they came from the kid’s section. 

In our nurseries over the years (with six kids and a couple of moves between the two of us, there have been many!) we have at-home tested different brands and materials in order to make sure we’re bringing you the very best organic cotton baby sheets. Our takeaway from all of it was that the best breathable crib sheets are organic cotton fitted sheets that fit well (snug, but not so tight on the mattress you fight to get it over the corners), make use of non-toxic dyes (no lingering odors), and are free of synthetic fibers that may cause irritation. Once narrowed down to only looking at organic cotton, we don’t totally feel the need to choose between airy muslin crib sheets vs cotton that is crisp, like percale. The strongest and softest crib sheets are going to be made from organic cotton, and either cotton (percale) or cotton muslin work beautifully, in our personal experience. As long as it is going to keep baby cool, stay soft against their sensitive skin, hold up to infinite washings, and comes in a pleasing print, both materials are great options! For all of the hours you and baby spend in and around the crib, the best nursery bedding is the one that checks all the boxes, for both of you. 

Cute crib sheets aren’t worth bringing into your nursery if they’re going to tear or unravel after you wash them for the hundredth time. (So many washes!) Your newborn crib sheets will serve as a trusted landing spot for baby, and the soft crib sheets you choose need to be designed to last. Nursery crib sheets are the most used essential, being used countless times a day, every day! We recommend keeping at least 2 in rotation so there’s always a fresh replacement on hand, and making sure they’re both as well-made as they are beautiful. 

We think we’ve constructed something really special in that our super soft crib sheets are made with equal parts beauty and function at heart. Our hope is that your infant crib sheets could be passed on to an expecting friend or transition with your little from the crib into their first toddler bed–just surprise them with a coordinating toddler pillowcase and blanket to pair with their already loved organic crib sheet, and you’re set! This is certainly what we do at home! Up until very recently, Liz’s four-year-old, James, was still using a sheet from our very first round of organic cotton sheet samples. The print was too beloved to let go of, and thankfully he didn’t have to! The best crib sheets are the one you don’t have to (or want to!) move on from. If you’re not in need of a change, the best organic crib sheets should remain useful until they’re passed down between siblings and friends.

We’ve always said, baby is going to love whatever space you make for them, so the best crib bedding set is one that you love to look at and feel confident putting them down in. One of our favorite ways to spark joy in a room is through layering prints and textures, for which a super soft crib sheet is a beautiful starting point. Your crib is likely to be the largest piece of furniture in the room, so pairing it with cute baby crib sheets in prints and colors you love is a wonderful way to inject some personality and interest into the space. The crib is also likely to be one of the most expensive pieces in the room, and one you’re not ever going to replace. Think of the crib sheet as a simple way to change things up, and refresh the scene, if you’re in the mood. Choosing something subtle or unexpectedly bold will really inform the rest of the room’s feel. The best crib mattress sheets will elevate this often overlooked, utilitarian surface, to an opportunity for everyday beauty.