Mauve Nursery Roundup

We love seeing our prints and colors in new spaces with furniture, rugs, or architecture we never imagined them with. To help ourselves and our readers understand the breadth of interiors our products can be used in, we often envision what these beautiful nurseries might look like. Our Mauve Radish Crib Sheet is a new addition, so here we gathered an eclectic nursery that doesn't feel typically girly or baby, and offers plenty of opportunity to grow with you. As always, we love to see prints, textures, materials, and different heights all meet in one place. 

1. Wayne Pate Trees of Derain Wallpaper - We're big fans of Wayne Pate, and this wallpaper is an amazing combination of loose illustration and really interesting and mature colors. 

2. Crib Sheet - Radish | Mauve - Our base ! We love the simplicity of radish, and the dusty-ness of Mauve.

3. Landry Kids Bookcase - a little extra height for the room and an easy, simple storage piece from Target. Keep toys and books corralled in one place.

4. Bixby Metal Crib - We usually stick to our light wooden crib, but this is a lovely use of metal that doesn't feel cold like many of its kind.

5. Trenza Palm Rug - Great neutral texture, and the round is a nice different shape for a floor covering. 

6. Throw Quilt - Mini Radish Mauve - More Mauve to highlight the crib sheet and draw out the Mauve in the wallpaper.

7. Hans Wegner Royal Blue Rocker - Not cheap, but we love an antique and we love a Hans Wegner. This rocker could take you through all of your babies and beyond.

8. Hanna Floor Lamp - A nice clean shape that feels different than most of the simple floor lamps we see out there. It makes a statement of sorts but still is clean and bright with crisp lines. 

9. Solona Vase - Greens warm up any space, and a nursery is no exception. This vase is small, but adds another layer of texture. 

10. Soren Dresser - We love this traditional looking and dark dresser against the midcentury crib, rocker, and contemporary lamp. Never be one dimensional!

11. Changing Pad Cover - Parsnip | Mauve - another pop of Mauve and we love it against the dark dresser.

12. Pal Stool - Both beautiful and simple in form, and super functional as a stool or low table / stand, that can be used anywhere in the house.

13. Caravan Basket - Because there are never enough baskets and this is the perfect small hamper for teeny tiny baby clothes. It's inexpensive and it looks vintage (a plus!).