Mauve Bedding Room Roundup!

Starting any room from scratch can be daunting. Sometimes you already have a piece of furniture, a rug, or a piece of art being recycled into the space and you can work from there, but sometimes you don't ! I always tell people to start with a piece that catches their eye and work off of that. It doesn't have to be huge like a couch - it can be as simple as a gorgeous vase, an accent chair, or a wall color. For this kid's room, I started with our Mauve Twin Bedding set and worked from there. Ultimately I always want a room to feel cohesive, but never all in one style (no hotel or showrooms !). I look to have ranges in tone and texture, and always try to have a few surprises in there. Below is why I chose what I did to go with our Mauve Bedding for this round up.          xo, Lizzy

1. Quilted Pillow Sham - Inverse Parsnip | Mauve 

2. Nelson Thin Edge Bed with Cane Headboard - I heart this bed. It is light, classic, textured and warm. It can work in a kid's room of any age or a guest room. it is just the right amount mature with a warmth and sweetness from the cane headboard. A higher price tag, yes - but it can be used in any house, any bedroom, any year... It's a lifetime piece ! 

3. Adesso Chelsea 2-Head Desk Lamp - I thrill at a good Target find !! The Black of this lamp helps increase my tonal range in this room, the two heads are the ultimate convenience for two beds. And again - Target ! 

4. Denim Ticking Woven Jute Rug - Like with the lamp, I'm always conscious of including a full range of tones in a room. With white walls and pale bedding this means working darks in elsewhere. In addition, the darker colors help reduce the "girly-ness" of the space. 

5. Spyro Nightstand - Nightstands and I often don't get a long. I rarely like their shapes, and most look cheap to me even when their price tag says otherwise. Yet, side tables often don't provide enough storage for a lived-in room. This simple rounded shape, single drawer, and space for books below make this one perfect between these beds. 

6. Twin Duvet Cover - Inverse Parsnip | Mauve 

7. Twin Sheet Set - Mini Radish | Mauve

8. Le Coffre Toy Box - Just because it's a Big Kid room doesn't mean toys dont need their place ! I also want to make sure the mauve doesn't live on the bed alone. This dusty pink brings more of this color family into the space.

9. Half-Dipped Planter  - plants make every space warmer and happier ! 

10. Multi-Storage Three Door Oak Dresser - I LOVE the versatility of this piece ! Functionally it would work in a nursery, any age bedroom, a playroom or an office. It has a lot of space to hide a lot of clutter, and while big, its simple shape and whiteness make it light and airy anywhere. For this room in particular I love that the higher height brings your eye up, so everything doesn't feel too squat. Bonus for plants and books on top. 

11. Mouse Chair - a sweet little stool so that for the first few years at least the room still feels sweet and young. I love this unique back. The company has a Mouse Bench too that I adore. 

12. Greta Belly Basket - Because, Laundry ! And more pattern, more texture, more dark tones. 

13. Genuine Australian Sheepskin Rug - Lots of textures in any room might be the most important thing to me. Whether this lives layered on the Jute, or on it's own in front of the dresser, I personally have these in almost every room.