Making Room for Baby: Tiny Living Spaces


Josh and I are having our second in a matter of weeks and we live in a very small space! When India was born, I shared how we created her room within ours (we have since added a wall, so she has her own). This time we plan on using a very tiny nook, like so many New Yorkers that have to find a closet or postage stamp sized space, for Baby’s room. Here are some ideas of how to make a small space still feel like a special nursery. xo, Lizzy

1. Art Print - Add color to the walls, no matter how small the space !

2. RBW Mori Gourd - Use lighting with glass or transparent shade to maximize your lighting (especially if there are no windows)

3. Small Weathered Wall Book Rack - Utilize WALLS as much as possible for storage ! These are great for having baby's 10 favorite bedtime books at hand.

4. Ikea SNIGLAR Crib - We love this crib and it’s insanely affordable. If you can’t fit a full size crib the Babyletto Gelato Mini Crib is pretty cute, and the Bloom Alma Mini folds up !

5. Stokke Home Changer - no room for a changing table ? This changer is great for the early days over the crib to have it all in one place, and eventually it works perfectly on top of a dresser.

6. Inverse Seaweed | Crib Sheet | Bay Blue - any of our sheets are great depending on your aesthetic. I love this pale blue for a baby boy in a small space.

7. Bolga Hamper Basket Set - Not only great for dirty clothes, but great toy organizers ! Never enough baskets.

8. Target Storage - With no large dresser top, need extra room for diapers, wipes, creams, nail clippers, and thermometers ? slide these low baskets under the crib for a quick grab that's tidy and out of site.

9. Malta Woven Wool Rug - Keep the space bright with a light rug.

10. Quax Wardrobe Small, beautiful storage that goes up for maximum use.

11. Eames Rocker - If you have the space for some sort of seating, but not a full upholstered rocker, try something like this with a smaller footprint.

12. Olliela Pollie Shelf - I already have one of these in India’s tiny room and I love it. Stuffed animals on top, dresses (her only hang space !) on the shelf. 

13. Shaker Peg Rack - Never enough hooks either ! Winter coats, hooded sweaters, hangers. There is always more to hang, and again - using up wall space with very limited depth will help you tremendously.