How to Choose the Best Baby Blanket

How to Choose the Best Baby Blanket
The list of things you need for a new baby can be overwhelming. While some things on the list will probably only be used for the first few months of your little one’s life, others, like baby blankets, can be used well into toddlerhood and beyond. Baby blankets are a versatile necessity that you will be glad to have day in and day out.

Why you need baby blankets

Although baby blankets are often bought for a newborn, they can be used for years.  If you are welcoming a new baby soon, it would be best to have blankets for a baby on hand before baby comes home, as you will need them from day one. You may want to take a baby blanket or two to the hospital, as many parents like to pack baby blankets in their bags to help baby stay warm and cozy during those first moments in the world. (You might need it too! Hospitals can be chilly!) Once home, using a swaddle blanket for a newborn can be a lifesaver for parents and even mean a few extra minutes (or hours!) of sleep in those first few weeks. 

You will be thankful to have more than one blanket for your baby from the very start. Our Welcome Home Set includes an organic cotton muslin swaddle blanket and an organic cotton quilted blanket, both of which can get you started on your baby blanket collection. As babies get older, it may be safe to use baby blankets in cribs, on beds, or even for building forts! (Please always discuss using a blanket in the crib with your pediatrician before doing so.) Newborn blankets are small enough to keep several around the house  so that if baby gets chilly or sleepy you will have one within easy reach.

Ways to use baby blankets

When you think of blankets for babies, you probably first think of using them for warmth and comfort, and that is certainly true. ! The great thing about baby blankets is that they can be used for several reasons beyond the obvious one of keeping your baby warm. Thicker, quilted blankets are great for warmth and toddler beds while thinner swaddle blankets will keep your baby snug (again, use only as recommended by your pediatrician).

Here are some of the ways you can use baby blankets:

  • Use a swaddle blanket to keep newborns feeling like they are still safe in the womb
  • Use bigger quilted blankets for toddler beds or keeping cozy in the stroller aka. a stroller blanket 
  • Lay a baby blanket on the floor to use for diaper changes or tummy time
  • Use baby blankets as barriers between a new baby and the outside world or visitors
  • Let baby snuggle with the baby blanket for security
  • Take baby blankets on the go in case little ones get cold or sleepy
  • Use a baby blanket for cleaning up messes in a pinch

How to Choose the Best Baby Blankets

Now that you know why you will want blankets for babies and all the ways to use them, you need to know how to choose the best for you and your baby. There are a few things to consider when picking out newborn blankets. First and foremost, choosing well-made, quality baby blankets will be key. You will want baby blankets that are not only soft but also durable, breathable, and made from safe materials for baby. You will also want to consider the best sizes, prints, and styles for the blankets for your baby.

Baby blanket fabric

Parents want the best for their babies, and our  cotton muslin is exactly that. Organic fabric is ideal for a baby’s sensitive skin, as it has not been treated with harsh chemicals, and cotton is soft and breathable.  Our cotton  swaddle blankets are woven in a way that creates air pockets for an extra soft result. This makes muslin blankets easy to use as swaddles for newborns. Another great thing about cotton muslin blankets and swaddles is that they are durable and can last for years. We only use the best materials for our products, which is why all of our baby blankets and quilts are made from 100% organic cotton.

Types of baby blankets

If you are a new parent, you may not realize there is more than one type of baby blanket, like a receiving blanket, swaddle blanket, stroller blanket, and security blanket. We offer both swaddle blankets and quilted blankets for babies, all made from 100% organic muslin and feature childlike prints that parents love too. You can sample both types of baby blankets with our Baby Bundle. Our swaddle blankets are made of two thin layers of cotton muslin that when woven together create air pockets that make the material breathable and strong, making it the perfect lightweight blanket to use for swaddling. Our quilted blankets are also made from organic cotton muslin but have additional layers and a poly fill for extra warmth and durability, perfect for toddler beds or snuggling with your little one, for floor play, or as a lap blanket in a stroller.

Baby blanket size

Blankets for a baby come in many sizes. A swaddle blanket is usually on the larger size. Their lightweight nature makes them easy to fold and tuck into a bag on the go or keep several around the home for a quick reach. All of our quilted muslin baby blankets are 45” x 32.5”, making them perfect for using at home and just small enough to take on the go. Our kids love taking naps in the stroller with this comfy blanket keeping them warm.

Baby blanket safety

When shopping for newborn blankets, safety is something you should definitely consider. Babies are curious and will grab, pull, and mouth anything in their paths. This is why it is important to be careful of decorative fringe, tassels, or ribbons that could easily become detached, tangled, or stuck on small body parts. Our durable organic baby blankets and quilts are well-made and have no loose fabrics. 

Besides avoiding extra fabric pieces when choosing the best baby blankets, the material and breathability will also be important to baby’s safety. Small babies need help regulating their body temperatures, so paying attention to the material of the baby blanket being used may be key. Our muslin cotton swaddle blankets are lightweight and breathable, making it the perfect baby blanket for summer, and really any time of the year. When looking for newborn blankets for winter, a swaddle blanket can also be a great choice, but our quilted blankets will be a warmer option. 

Choosing the Best Blanket Designs for you and your baby 

When you have little ones, your tastefully designed, grown-up house can easily start to look more like a playground. Many baby clothes, toys, bibs, and blankets come in designs with bright colors and cartoon illustrations that make parents like us feel disconnected and confused.  We believe that products for babies + kids should be childlike, not childish. And even beautiful. . We create prints that are inspired by nature and loved by children and their parents.

We take themes from nature when designing our adorable baby blankets and then take a brush to paper to loosely draw imagery that appeals to both children and parents. We are always thinking about discerning parents when designing prints and want our baby blankets and swaddles to look just as good laying on your living room couch as they do when wrapped around your baby. Although you will not find typical baby and kid imagery on our baby blankets, you will find beautifully hand-drawn images from nature including animals like stingrays, blowfish, and alligators in addition to wildflowers and vegetables like goldenrod, rose hip, and parsnip. Our  swaddling blankets  and quilts feature a beautiful pleasing palette of mauve, blush, agave, bay blue, and denim that are pleasing to both you and your little one. Take a look for yourself. Our customers say they wish they could wrap themselves in our baby blanket prints! 

Wrapping it all up 

Whether you are becoming a new parent or are a seasoned pro, you need newborn blankets for comforting, swaddling, warming, and protecting. As a parent, you want the best for your baby, which means 100% organic cotton baby blankets that are soft, breathable, and durable. And as a baby shower attendee, you'll want a killer baby shower gift. But just because baby blankets are meant for babies does not mean your style and design preferences have to go out the window, and we would argue that choosing newborn blankets with prints that feel more like you can even help make you feel more at home in your new role as a parent. Our adorable organic muslin baby swaddles and quilts are inspired by the beauty of nature, designed with you in mind, and are sure to look good in any room of your home and in all the ways you’ll use them.