Holiday Gift Guide: Grown Ups

Faux Plant A little pricey, and also a work of art. These gorgeous handmade faux plants are made to order, so when it arrives in about 6-8 weeks, it’ll be just in time to thaw their frozen eyes.

Small Letter Charms Sweet little initial charms from Loeffler Randall would be so cute. You could do the initials of their kids or pet or even a funny acronym.
Beginner’s Needlepoint Kit Always feels good to have a craft project in the wings. This beginner’s kit would be a fun way to introduce a new skill.
Linen Spray All-natural spray meant for linens that can be used truly anywhere in the home–the Nursery, the trashcan, the bathroom, the shoe bin–everywhere that needs a little refresher. We love this paired with a zip pouch set. Beautiful to receive and in practice.

Play Together Tee + Tennis Lessons Book a court to play together or gather friends for group lessons. Or just grab the t-shirt because it’s true :)

Dazzle Dry We’re hooked on this brand! A four-step process that’s the fastest-drying, longest-lasting, natural nail treatment you've ever experienced. Gift a mini kit, a gift card or find a local nail salon that carries it for a manicure appointment.

Sweat Set A comfy + cute look for cozy winter lounging.

Simple Film Camera Offer them a little element of surprise with an old school film camera and a couple rolls of film. Bonus for letting them know where they can get the film developed (Yelp is a good place to start!).

Zebra Zip Pouch Set A fun graphic print for this handy set of water-resistant lined zip pouches! We love a gift that’s cute + functional.
Pet Portraits Beautiful custom pet portrait by beloved illustrator, Leah Goren. We’ve given these over the years, and they’re always the most treasured gifts!
Citrus Press For the margarita lover. Or any juice fan. Operable with one hand, fresh juice has never been better or easier.
Bird Zip Pouch Set A favorite gift for friends, in-laws, special teachers, babysitters, the list goes on. Super handy and super cute!